Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rain, thunderstorms, and 52 degrees at the moment. It has rained most of the night and morning so far although we are in a bit of a lull right now. But there is more to come throughout the day. The daffodils are drooping their heads so their little cups don't fill up, and the rain is knocking a lot of blossoms off of the trees too. Ms. Margaret's Flowering Crabapple tree is really blooming now. I can't get over how much that tree has grown since we moved here fifteen years ago. But, I'm also glad she has the tree and I can just look at it and don't have to clean up after it. It has at least doubled in size. Outside of Ms. Kate's offfice window e have a volunteer Redbud tree that is also blooming beautifully. It came up four years ago or so and since it wasn't in a location to bother anything I just let it grow. It has turned into a really nice tree.

We didn't get to the churches yesterday. It was a nice day and we didn't feel like driving up to Ft. Branch. Instead, I got some good writing done. So this morning we'll head on up to the churches and take care of business and then Ms. Kate has several places she wants to go for some shopping. Hopefully we can get it all in and done before the storms hit this afternoon.

This morning I have mostly doves, cardinals, and a woodpecker for my guests now that the rain has stopped for a bit. I like having my doves around here. They just kind of waddle peacefully around the yard  or they sit up in the tree doing their cooing. They are very in-intrusive birds except during mating season. Then the males come in and they puff themselves all up and they chase the females all over the yard literally right on their tail. When they find a female they are interested in, they run after them with every move. I'd think it would drive the females nuts. But --- I guess when the season is right --- ya' gotta' do what ya' gotta' do.

I went to my churrch's local Tri-State Association  cabinet meeting last night. Back before Christmas I had agreed to fill a vacancy as the Vice President of the Association until mid May when re-elections were heard. The biggest problem I have is that the Vice President is the one who has to head up the nomination committe. I found takers for five of my seven upcoming open positions, but trying to find someone to take a secretary or Vice- President position is proving hard to do. I will not good for re-election for a three year term because bureaucracy is among my top ten most disliked things in the world. But, I was given a list of "possibles" last night to contact. We'll see what happens. All Jesus had to do was walk up to twelve different guys and say "Follow me" and they left their day jobs and went off with him. I have 35 ordained clergy to chose from and can't get a one to say "yes" to being VP. And we have about 2500 members of the Evansville Tri-State Association and I can't find one to say yes to being secretary.

The rain appears to be holding off so I better get out of my chair in and to my jeans and get busy.  I hope you have a most blessed day full of God's goodness and grace.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mid week again already. Where does the time go? It is a cloudy 57 degree morning and the clouds are going to get thicker as the day goes on and the temperature reaches 70. That of course means we are under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. It is springtime in the Ohio Valley.

This morning we have another battle of the sharp beaked birds. The woodpeckers and the starling and the bluejay are all trying for the same feeders and and they are each very area protective. So there has been a lot of pecking at one another and fussing at one another going on out there. Meanwhile on the ground, the wrens and the junkos are darting here and there and everywhere . The robins are here and are taking their baths this morning in my freshly filled birdbaths. And, the cardinal is sitting on the edge of the bird bath looking at the Robin as if to say; "Aww man, I was going to drink out of there!"
There is enough of a breeze this morning to keep the Corinthian chimes playing. It can easily lull a person off to a hypnotic sleep.

Yesterday was a busy day with some work getting done and fun being had. I got a lot of my limb and twig pile broken up and put into my trash can. The trash man comes early in the morning so I will clean up the rest of it into next week's can. Then I will have a bunch of raking to do in the whole area.  Ms. Kate and I also went and got a pedicure at the local nail place. As I told someone yesterday, I don't bend over like I used to and taking proper care of my feet is important. So, I pay to have a pedicure. I also got another sermon finished last night so it was a very productive day. Today of course being Wednesday means that we should go to the church and run our bulletins. However, tomorrow is going be kind of a nasty weather day and a good day to be inside too so maybe we will wait. Although, if I don't go run bulletins today, I'll just be down in the basement in my office anyway. So I guess it is six one way and half a dozen the other.

Ms. Kate and I think that maybe we can start sitting a few of our planters back outside. I have one whole corner of the sunporch taken up with these things. It is going to be April in a couple of days and warm weather will be more and more prevalent. It will be nice to open up that space out here in the sunporch again. But, we've kept several of these plants going for years now because we bring them in and out according to season.. I think I'll move some out today though and let God water them tonight.

I need to go out Andy fill the bark butter feeders again so I guess I'll sign off. I hope your day is full of blessings and good thoughts. Take a few moments and look around at the world God created just for you. Then, give thanks for those blessings that are right there in front of you.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What is up with these squirrels this morning? They have certainly given rise to the definition of "feeling squirrelly". I have four of them running and chasing, and fighting, all over the yard, the trees, and my roof. I don't know if it is a territorial dispute or a mating session. Bunch of  weirdos.

And a happy absolutely beautiful Tuesday morning to you. It is forty five degrees but the sun is shining brightly. I went out and put the mail in the box and it almost felt warm out there. I think I need to do something productive outside today and take advantage of this beautiful weather. Yesterday was a productive day inside as I managed to get a sermon written. So a little celebration of fresh air is in order. I think I'll start breaking down my limb and twig pile that has built up over the winter. I break them up into small pieces and put them into the trash can. I wish I had a "burn barrel" but I don't.  But, better to let the trash man carry them off to the land fill than to add smoke to the atmosphere. But I do love the smell of the wood smoke. I have thought before that we might like one of those fire pits but we really don't have a place to put one. Besides, why sit out with the mosquitos when I can enjoy the same view from inside a screened in sunporch.

I notice that the daffodils are now starting to wane. Soon their blooms will be gone and they will just be greenery for awhile, Then even that will all just lay over to the ground and die back. But --- the tulips are looking healthy and will be blooming shortly, and the lilies are growing fast too. The azaleas are leafing out well and the peonies are coming up nicely too. So, we will have beautiful flowers around here for quite a while. The redbud trees are starting to bloom and our lilacs are coming along nicely as is the big snowball bush. I do love spring time of the year.

Julie is off to Orlandoo Florida this morning for a Barnes and Noble store managers conference. She will meet up and room with her best buddy, Karen, who manages a store in in MA. Those two are like peas in a pod. There will be a lot of gabbing and coffee drinking going on down there this week. And --- they might accidentally learn something.

It is mornings like this that just make a person be glad to be alive and able to enjoy God's creation. To be able to just sit here and enjoy watching the woodpeckers and robins, and a dozen cardinals and yes, even my insane squirrels that are still doing frantic antics, is just such a blessing. If all of humanity would and could just stop for one day and enjoy something like this, all at the same time --- it would so benefit the world. So, I urge you to do your part and stop for awhile and take in the beauty and peace that can come from absorbing that which God has made. Go stand outside in the sunshine and breathe in God's blessings and think nothing but positive thoughts. It will do your mind, your heart, and your soul good. Have a blessed day.

Monday, March 28, 2016

A blessed Monday morning to you! It is a chilly one at 47 degrees this morning and no sun is breaking through. I see patches of blue up there but no bright light in my micro-portion of the world just yet. The air is relatively still this morning with only the slightest movement of any leaves. The Corinthian chimes give off an occasional sound but I think that is from the birds landing on the branches next to them.

Easter has come and Easter has gone. Yesterday was a busy day and it all went off without a single hiccup. The choir sounded great doing their cantata, the church breakfast was excellent as it always is, the services were well attended, and our after services lunch at our favorite resturant was excellent.  Julie and Auggie came for the weekend and we enjoyed a great visit with her. Log another holiday in the books.

Now, Ms. Kate and I can concentrate on getting ready for our vacation. We are going to drive to California for Heather's wedding. We have only kind of "guesstimated" at where we are going to stop each day. But we know the route fairly well because we have driven across the country so many times. Generally we plan well in advance where we are going to stay and have our hotels laid out in advance and reservations made. This time, because we need to be there on a certain date and are limited on when we can leave, we may actually just do the old "let's see how far we can make it each day". We aren't crazy about that idea but there are always hotels. The problem is that there aren't always cities when you are ready to stop and we don't want to drive to exhaustion. We might have just flown out but we have a couple of end tables to take to Heather. One of these days I'm going to retire and when we travel we won't have schedules to keep. I am looking forward to that day more and more.

I see the observation side panel on my bluebird house is open again. I wonder what keep pulling that open.  I guess I am going to have to run a screw in it. There was a small nail holding it shut, but Idon't know what happened to that.

I have a mountain of writing to do before we take off on vacation. As you know, I can't just lay my fingers on a keyboard and magic happens. I spent some time last evening and came up with a few ideas but that is a long way from being ready to actually form a complete thought and write something that makes sense. But, I rely on the fact that God will let the words flow as they need to.

The sun has broken through the clouds and lit up my backyard kingdom. Unfortunately, it is time for me to head downstairs to my office. I hope you have a wonderful week. Never forget that God walks every step of your life with you either as defender, protector or the strength you need to take your next step. Have a blessed day.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A beautiful 47 degree morning greets me this morning out here in the sunporch. The sun is bright in a cloudless sky for a change from the last couple of days anyway. We were under a frost warning until 0900 in this area but we didn't see any of that around here.

Julie and Auggie dog came down yesterday afternoon to spend Easter with us. She and Auggie are in the family room behind me and both are gently snoring  on the couch. hearing their snoring has lulled me into a couple of drift offs too as I sit here. But, I 'm also having my coffee and the remains of a box of Dunkin Donut Munchkins that Jules brought me  from her area. We don't have Dunkin Donuts here. But, true to form, Auggie was sleeping beside Julie until I opened the box of Munchkins and ZAP! There was Auggie sitting beside me waiting for one. Not too spoiled!

I have a good variety of back yard friend this morning; lots of cardinals, junkos, doves, mockingbirds, finches and robins. I expect my Pilated woodpecker to show up this morning too. But, with Auggie here, what I won't have is squirrels. He does a good job of keeping them at bay.

I finished writing the wedding service for my daughter Heather last night. The wedding is five weeks from today. Starting Momday, when all of the Easter work is done, Ms. Kate and I need to get serious about planning our trip to California. This will be an exciting occasion. Heather's daughter Lauren will be her Maid of Honor and her son Jon will walk her down the aisle. The wedding will be on one of their beautiful golf courses they have in Riverside. It will be wonderful having all of my girls in one place again. I totally cherish those times.

We don't have anything on our radar today except Ms. Kate has to make something to take to the church for the parish breakfast in the morning. I think she is going to make a couple of pans of French toast casserole. That goes over well and makes great left overs if there is any. Church meals are always great because the food is always so good. It seems that everybody kind of has one or two "signature dishes" that you can count on them making. And there is always more than enough.

I hope your Easter Day is a joyful one. Take time to remember why we celebrate this occasion. It is critical to your soul. Blessings.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Lesson learned for today --- if I don't take advantage of a semi-warm day and fill my bird feeders, then I have to do it when it is 35 degrees out. Of course I alreaady knew that but was just too lazy to do anything about it yesterday until it was too late and we had other things to do. Priorities - priorities!! But the bottom line is that the birds all have food and I can quit feeling guilty. Of course the bad news is that I need to take my $100 bill and go to the bird food stores. I need to pick up a hundred pounds of sunflower seed as well as several other types of stuff. I must keep the critters happy or they will find somewhere else to dine.

We had a well attended Maundy Thursday service last evening. There were more folks there than I had thought might be; maybe fifty or so. I sang my solo and I guess it went alright. Ms. Kate said it sounded good. Our next thing will be the sunrise service on Easter Morning. I'm really looking forward to the Cantata. I think it is the best one we have tried to do and it is one that we pulled out of the filing cabinet from about twenty five years ago. I woud love for the choir to sing a couple more times before they quit for the summer.

Today is a cold and grey Good Friday. Very appropriate conditions for the occasion that we acknowledge; the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion on a cross. Of course on the secular side of this week, kids from kindergarten through college are on spring break. The stores are packed with "Easter Bunny" stuff and spring clothes for Easter wear. Walmart, Sam's, and Target will be packed today as people buy the eggs and candy for the bunny to leave, and they buy the traditional Easter ham for Sunday's dinner. Julie and the pup will be coming over yet this afternoon. Jim is not coming. He says he has a problem with his allergies and he also has to work. Julie says he is miserable from the pollen and stuff in the spring air. Personally, I suspect it might be a bit deeper than that. This is a "religious" weekend and Jim is not a person of faith for I guess a variety of reasons. I know none of his family was raised in the church. Ms. Kate and I didn't do a very good job of bringing our kids up in the church either but our children grew up with a knowledge of our beliefs. It does make a difference I think.

Lots of cardinals, finches, junkos, and woodpeckers are here now to dine at the buffet. I'm thrilled that I also have a bluebird checking out the bluebird house. I would love it if it decided to nest in there. I've had that bluebird house up for a couple of years and nothing has moved in. I've heard that it usually takes two or three years to get bluebirds to come to a house like that.

Time for me to get busy. Ms. Kate is filling her pill containers this morning and that takes quite a long time because she does a month or six weeks at a time. I'm helping with the laundry, a job I have never minded doing. Now I must read my Max Lucado devotions for the day and say my "gratefulls".  If I don't get around to writing tomorrow, know that I pray your Easter will be filled with the Holy Spirit of a Risen Savior. Blessings!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

It is warm and rainy this morning as a spring storm passes through today. I laughed at the weatherman's description this morning when he said there will be buckets of rain coming down. But most of this is supposed to be through us by afternoon. Hopefully it won't still be raining this evening. We have our Maundy Thursday service at 1900 hours and bad weather tends to keep people away, especially our older crowd.

We have had a relaxing morning around here. Ms. Kate fixed us a great brunch of eggs, fried potatos, milk gravy, bacon and toast. It just doesn't get better than that for a brunch. I could eat a breakfast meal twice a day and be happy. When we lived in the Philippines we had a house girl (a live-in maid) who had no experience really with cooking food for American's. But -- she was engaged to one of my young airmen and he asked us to hire her and would Ms. Kate teach her to "cook American." I hired her for a smaller than usual salary and told her that as soon as she learned to cook me a "proper breakfast", I would give her a raise. It didn't take her long to master the art of over easy eggs, biscuits, milk-gravy, fried potatos and bacon. She got her raise and proved t be a very capable house girl. They eventually married, he went on to get his comission and become an officer. I saw then many years later and they were happily married and he was gaining weight! LOL.

I failed all of my outdoor friends yesterday and did not get the bird feeders filled. As usual there is still plenty of feeders that have food in them, but they can't go to their favorite feeders. I guess sometimes they have to resort to being "wild birds and squirrels" instead of my back yard pets. I had a new cat in the back yard this morning. It was well groomed and probably someone's pet. It seemed very comfortable around the house and even stopped to look in at me with out fear. I had heard the squirrels chittering at something earlier and I suspect that was the cause. This cat seem very interested in the squirrel that was sitting there chittering at it. I was hoping the cat would climb up the tree after that squirrel, but eventually they came to an "Obama agreement" and did nothing.

Ms. Kate and I now have all of the bulletins for the week run and cantata practice went very well last night; --- except for the walking part. Now, ---- we only have a dozen choir members and they need to walk down in six pairs of two to their chairs. It took ten minutes to figure out how they were going to do that. We can master singing Bach and Beethoven --- it's just walking we have a problem with. I just sit and laugh about it.

I guess I have milked reelaxing for its full benefit by now so I need to get to my office downstairs and do some work. Have a blessed day; stay in touch with God.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The fat old squirrel is sitting in the Pussy Willow tree just outside my sunporch and he is working himself to death to get sunflower seeds out of a feeder. I've said it before that I get amazed at these critters. If every American had the work ethic, determination, and stamina of a squirrel, there would be no unemployment in this country. However, the fact that he is trying to eat out of this particular feeder tells me that all of the others must be empty. I reckon I better do something about that today.

Welcome to another Wednesday. I have been kept busy so far this week and today of course will be no different. I have an appointment way out on the west side of town in an hour. Then this afternoon I need to go run the bulletins and the newsletter for this week. There will be extras to run since this is Easter Sunday and the C&E crowd will be out. That is the folks that come only on Christmas and Easter. I went up Monday and ran the bulletins for tomorrow night and for the Sunrise service on Sunday. Then I have to meet Ms. Brenda, our keybor]ard player at St. Lucas and rehearse my solo for the service tomorrow night, and after that we have a full rehearsal of the cantata.

Yesterday I decided that I could probably swap out my snow blade from my John Deere and put on the mower deck by myself. I got it done; ---- although I should spend some time in the "confession booth" for the language that came out of my mouth trying to get that last pin and cotter pin in place. I really needed someone on the other side of the mower to just hold it in place, but when there is no one --- ya' gotta just hold your math right and improvise.

It is a cloudy, 57 degree morning with a slight wind. Rain is moving in for late tonight and part of the day tomorrow. But, then while it might get a little cooler, the Easter weekend looks pretty good. I think the Easter bunny will probably be able to do his job.

Time for me to get ready and get to my appointment and start my day. I'm sorry this is short but know that it comes with prayers for you my readers. I pray you will have a blessed and peaceful day. Shalom.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A happy Tuesday morning to you. It is sunny and 46 degrees and the world is bright. I hear a fire truck running down the road two streets over, and now it sounds as if a second has joined it. Hopefully no one is hurt and it turns out to be nothing more than smoke from burnt toast. Alas, I suspect it will be more than that.

Tuesday of Holy Week. This is the day that Jesus is alleged to have gone into the temple and turned over the money tables I think. I don't know why we say that or believe it happened on Tuesday of thee week because there is nothing in the gospel about a timeline for the events of the week. In fact the event of turning the money tables over occurred early in the ministry according to one of the gospels. So, in reality, we don't know what actually happened. I know I sometimes wonder about the events that are portrayed in the Bible and I contemplate the significance of their reporting. In this instance, for example, Jesus had been going in and out of the temple all his life, so, -- what ticked him off this particular time. What caused him to suddenly decide that he was tired of the system as it was? I have an idea about that but --- you will just have to come to my church and hear it when I put it in sermon form. LOL

I went to the churches yesterday and ran and stuffed the bulletins for my first two services this week.  Then I came home and got started on my services for April. I also took my truck in for servicing So now both vehicles are spring and road ready. According to my odometer I wasn't due for an oil change in the truck yet but I last had it done in October. I don't put but about five thousand miles a year on my truck so it should last me a long times. It is eight years old and just does have 40,000 miles on it. We've had the Caddilac for only a year and a half and already have half that many miles on it.

My backyard guests this morning have been mainly starlings, You can tell I filled the bark butter paste feeders yesterday because they have been all over them. Only a couple of downy woodpeckers have come in to challenge the starlings. But, now, the cardinals are arriving for breakfast They always look so beautiful when the sun shines on them. Mr. Fuss-a-lot was here earlier making all kinds of racket. He didn't stay long. He basically came in, announced his presence and left. I guess he didn't like the company, I don't know. And of course, there are one or two squirrel out there to help themselves. I saw my rabbits running around in the yard again yesterday so I know they haven't gone too far.

I have prayers to lift up for some specific people today that have some challenges in their life at the moment. So, I pray that God will give them the strength to accept what must be and know that God walks beside them at all times. I also pray that anyone who reads this will find the peace that can rest in your soul because of a solid relationship with God. This is "the season" that we celebrate the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ. As Christians we believe that Jesus was in fact the Son of God who came to earth specifically for the purpose of providing a path for our souls back to God's heavenly realm. Yet, if we focus on this during "this season", then we let our faith grow weak. Salvation is an everyday goal. The Resurrection is an everyday event. God is always present in our lives and is never further away than a prayer. Have a blessed day.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday morning and it is 37 degrees out there while the sun is shining brightly in an effort to warm us up a bit. Odds are not good there will be a lot of success in that department beyond 45 degree though today. Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was an odd one. On the way to church we ran through a snow cloud and it snowed like the dickens. Then while we were at church it rained, it snowed, then it quit and was just cloudy. Finally about 1600 hours the sun finally broke through.  March is going out like a lion just like it came in like a lion.

The city sewer people are out in Ms. Margaret's yard this morning with an earth mover. They are finally getting around to spreading out the dirt they had piled out there from installing a manhole out there. I can only imagine what Ms. Margaret has had to say about all of that. She is a rather crotchety old gal.  The city took over our sewer lines a few months ago. We had been on a privately owned sewer line forever here and the people who owned it went bankrupt. The city said that the lines were in terrible shape and now they are doing millions of dollars of repair to them but it is costing us all a lot of money every month to pay for it over the next ten years. Progress ain't cheap, and bureaucracy costs even more.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday which now sets off Holy Week. That means we'll have a few extra things to do this week. I have extra services to do and that means extra bulletins and the monthly newsletter to run and stuff. . Today I need to take my truck in for servicing. Tomorrow night I have a meeting to go to. Wednesday is choir practice, Thursday is Maundy Thursday service and prayer vigil, Next Sunday is Sunrise Service, parish breakfast and two more worship services. And then --- all extra activity stops and Ms. Kate and I get ready to take a vacation at the end of April. And --- at some point in there, I need to get the snow blade off of my John Deere and put the mower deck back on. The yard is really looking scraggly with the darned onions sticking up all over the place. I generally wait until after Easter to mow because ou never know; --- the Easter bunny just might want to lay some eggs out there. LOL

I also need to fill some bird feeders today or tomorrow. Anything that had bark butter in it is empty. But there is plenty of other stuff out there including suet for the sharp beaks so they will just have to "suffer". I haven't had a lot of visitors this morning; perhaps because of the workers out there.

So, I'm done for now. I hope you have a blessed day and a Holy Spirit filled Holy Week. Peace.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Friday! Welcome to another day of God's love and goodness. It's time to take a deep breath and be thankful you are alive.

We're going to call this a partly sunny day. The sun was much brighter thirty minutes ago but now high clouds are starting to roll in. The weather dude is saying rain is coming. I wish it wouldn't. But, at the moment, it is still bright enough to make the cardinals look beautiful as they sit on the bird bath. I think it is time I put the electric bird bath in the shed and brought the glass one out. The glass one is really pretty and we are past the point where it might freeze and break. But this electric one is really great for the winter and gets a lot of use.

The backyard aviary and bird buffet is a bit sparse at the moment. I have maybe a half dozen cardinals and a few finches this morning. There were three or four starlings here but they didn't stay long. I'm really glad all of the bigger blackbirds have move back out to the fields. We saw lots of them yesterday as we were driving to the church. Better they eat out there than off of my check. I need to be sure and fill my bark butter paste feeders today. There is still some left in them but I expect my Pilated woodpecker will be here tomorrow. It seems to have become a Saturday visitor and I want to keep it coming. Although, it did come around one day this week too and I did have food for it.

Somehow or another Ms. Kate and I have gotten our schedule off kilter. Yesterday was kind of typical of what I mean. We got up at 0830 because we had been up late Wednesday night. Then we didn't actually eat anything beyond having our morning coffee and a peach smoothie while we were at the Vinyard Bookstore, until around 1600 yesterday afternoon as we finished up our running around. She had put a corned beef in the crock pot but we didn't get around to eating our supper until about 2200 hours. I went back down to the office after that to do some more work and finished up about 0130 this morning. Then it was up again this morning at 0830. We need to get ourselves a little more back on keel.

My rabbits are no where to be seen this morning. I kind of miss them running around doing their rabbit antics this morning. And so far I only have one lazy squirrel sitting out there on what I have designated as the "squirrel's feeder". He hasn't budged from that spot and just keeps shoveling in the sunflower seed.

I have an appointment to take Ms. Kate's Cadillac in for service at 1600 today. It is hard to believe that I only have to do this every 7500 miles. I'm used to faithfully doing that every 3000 miles on my vehicles. But with today's synthetic oils, things have changed. Of course synthetic oil changes cost a lot more. Luckily my purchase plan included free oil changes and free car washes for five years. I suspect the cost for all of that was hidden somewhere in the purchase price; nothing comes for free.

It's time for me to acknowledge and give praise to the creator of all of this beauty I am surrounded by. So, I will pray for you too and pray your day is fully blessed. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another beautiful crisp, cool, breezy Thursday morning. This morning I had not one, but three young rabbits running and hopping around in my back yard. They were helping themselves to all kinds of young shoots of grass and plants. I wonder how long it will be before I see young bunnies at my door looking in again this year. That was always exciting to look forward to last year.  I wonder if these are the three that were born here in my flower bed last year. It's possible I guess. I don't know if they "return home" or not like other animals and birds.

So, -- this morning the squirrels and the rabbits are both running around. The squirrels run and that scares the rabbits. The rabbits run and that scares the squirrels. It's actually quite entertaining In the mean time, the robin is also hopping through the yard but the doves; ---- they just keep waddling around paying no attention to anything that is going on around them. There is far more activity on the ground this morning than there is on the bird feeders. I have some finches and one or two woodpeckers so far. The cardinals will be here soon, of that I have no doubt.

I got through all of my things I had to do yesterday. I have some more running around to do today though and a list of things that I need to get done. Ms. Kate is great a keeping lists of things she needs to do but I'm not. When I don't I either jump from one thing to the next or I forget things. I sometimes think that the longer I'm out of the Air Force, the more unorganized I become. Or perhaps I'm relaxing too much on my time management skills.

The choir sounded wonderful last evening during our cantata rehearsal. We only have one more rehearsal and that will be next Wednesday. They (we) have really worked hard on this and it has come together. This cantata is my favorite of all of the ones that we have done. It is a very passionate cantata and easily evokes a mental image of what is going on in the story being told. It is almost like an opera without characters doing any acting. I pray it will stir the emotions of the Resurrection in the hearts and minds of the congregation like it does me. More importantly though, I hope is pleasing to God and acceptable as our worship of Him.

Well my friends, as enjoyable as it is to sit here and watch critters and birds and flowers and sunshine --- I got to get out of my chair and get busy with today. Before I do though, I have to look around at the beauty of God's creation one more time and just know that God's love and presence is everywhere as in manifested by His creation. Take time today to enjoy what God has done for you. Peace.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Federal taxes, Indiana taxes, Illinois taxes, my deceased mother's taxes ----- no wonder no one liked the disciple Matthew! Taxes and a meeting took up my day yesterday which was an absolute shame because it was the warmest and brightest day of the year so far and I spent it at the computer. But ours are filed and  accepted and I have everything ready to drop off to my mother's accountant this morning.

God has blessed us with a beautiful spring morning today. It is a cool 57 degrees with a 17mph wind but the sun is shining brightly and there isn't a cloud in the sky. A week or even two like this would be most welcome. The breeze keeps the chimes playing a lovely sound,  the bird feeders are all filled, and the gang is arriving for the back yard buffet. The neighbor's forsythia is blooming nicely, everyone's daffodils are looking beautiful, and the trees are leafing out and many are blooming. This is a perfect time of the year; a time of rebirth and renewal and it all ties in nicely with the fact that Sunday is Palm Sunday followed by Easter the following Sunday. God is good and the world is alive. I look at it as our yearly reminder of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Today is Wednesday again already and that means a busy day as usual. Today I'm adding a counseling session to my schedule. I have a young couple coming in for their first pre-marital counseling. I'll do their wedding on July second of this year. I've met her a few times but he is from my St. Lucas church. I've watched him grow up and mature into a very nice young man with an excellent set of moral values and an excellent work ethic. I think it speaks well of him that the congregation trusts him enough that at 21 years old, he has been elected to the church council.

I don't like to talk politics but I will sure be glad when this years's presidential election is over. There has been debate after debate and I still couldn't tell you what any candidate actually stands for. All we hear is rhetoric and slander and yelling and screaming at one another. I'm firmly convinced there is not a God fearing candidate among the group The nation is so divided and on edge that it is a frightful thing to see. It is going to take a lot of prayer to turn this thing around or we will be in a civil war. I can't remember a time when this nation was so inwardly violent, even during the 1960s when we were having race riots. The politicians and the media have turned this countries values upside down. The police are being portrayed as the bad guys and the criminals are portrayed as helpless victims. One candidate actually said yesterday that putting a black person in jail is nothing more than going back to the days of slavery. So, my prayer today is that God will lay a calming hand upon this nation and fill our minds with prayerful reasoning instead irrational hate.

In the mean time, I'm going to pour another cup of coffee, send up my prayers, enjoy my view from the sunporch, and hope that your day is full of peace and the glory of God's goodness. Shalom.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy blessed Monday. As seems to be usual, -- it is raining again, or still, or something. I know I'm ready for some much sunnier days as are most people. On the other hand we've been spared the flooding and storms that have plagued Louisiana. I pray for those folks who have lost their homes and for those who lost loved ones in the flooding.

I have had a busy couple of days. Saturday we spent a good portion of the day at the church. The Women's Guild of St. Lucas do a chicken pie making / baking day once and sometimes twice a year as their major fund raiser. It is a fun event full of fellowship and hard work that always brings in a good amount of money for them. They take orders for the pies in advance so they know how many to make and are sure they sell them all. They try to limit the number of pies to around 200, (we made 214 on Saturday), and it takes a lot of people. We had about forty people show up on Saturday. All of the ingredients are donated by the members of the church so it does make them some money for both charity and needs of the church. It is an event that they have been doing for decades. They have a good assembly line and everyone knows their job. It took me to give them names. We have the "Studley Stirrers"; they cook the chicken and broth. We have the "Holy Rollers"; they make and roll out the bottom shell and the top covers. We have the "Crusty Crimpers"; they put the top cover on and crimp the edges. And finally we have the "Fetchers"; that would be me and a couple of others who "fetch and carry" what ever is needed and move completed pies here and there. The workers ranged in age from 8 - 86 as new generations learn traditions of their church. It is the definition of a faith family at work.

Yesterday was a typical Sunday; two worship services and a church council meeting, then out to our favorite restaurant for lunch. Yesterday afternoon and evening we went out to a craft store for some stuff  Ms, Kate needed to make her greeting cards and then we went back to the church so I could put my office back together now that the painters have finished in there. I wanted to get that done ASAP because I have a young couple coming in for their first pre-marriage counseling this week and they need a place to sit. It also gave me a good chance to get rid of a lot of stuff that has been collecting in the pastor's office over the years because people didn't know where else to put it. We don't have a lot of storage room in the church and church people like every one else tend to keep stuff for decades that they didn't need to keep in the first place. So, my recycle bin here at home is fuller today with copies of old bulletins and stuff Iike that and their were older Bibles and hymnals that we don't use that are now going to another church to send off for a mission. Re-use and recycle; it's a good thing.

It's nice to have time to sit with you again this morning and enjoy my coffee and watch the rain. The feeders are all empty out there so that is a job for after the rain quits today. I have a busy week again this week with meetings and stuff so I better get to it. I pray you will have a blessed day full of the spirit of God.

Friday, March 11, 2016

You just never now where I might be writing my blog. At the moment I'm sitting in the car at the beauty shop while Ms. Kate is inside getting a haircut. It is a not very convenient thing for me to do because I have to kind of balance the IPad between the steering wheel and my stomach. On the other hand, --- it is the first positive I've found for having a fat belly!

We have several places to run to after she gets out of the beauty shop. We're still working on taxes, both mine and my mother's. I'll be glad when they are done. Bless Ms. Kate's heart, she collects and worries over getting everything together. All I do is sit and fill in the forms as she tells me what to do. I  don't have the patience she does when it comes to doing this kind of stuff, and she has no patience with technology. So, --- it all works out well. We mumble and grumble and fuss and cuss our way through the process, but we get it done. Yesterday we spent hours trying to download a form. It kept coming in as a PDF form and wouldn't let me print it unless I paid for some subscription to a service. (Remind me to ask my brilliant daughter Julie about that because I'm thinking I shouldn't have to subscribe to a service to use PDF on my PC. )  I knew that I should be able to download and IRS form for free but --- just couldn't figure it out. But eventually I figured a way around the whole thing and got it downloaded and printed. We should have gone to get an ice cream from Cold Stone afterwards because that dissolves the stress.

Today, or should I say "so far today" it isn't raining although tonight it is supposed to start again. He weather guys said we might get another coule of inches by Monday. Of course, this is the same guy that predicted a warmer and dryer March and it has rained every day and he is now saying more rain on and off through next weekend. The month is almost over so "warmer and dryer" had better get here soon.

I did have some porch time this morning. The birds and the squirrels were everywhere this morning. I guess they were celebrating a period of no rain too. I hope to get back to the porch sometime today. Heck, if we get our running done, I might even sneak in a nap out there. The sun isn't really breaking through the clouds so if it stays that way it won't be shining in my eyes.    

Well, Ms. Kate should be out of there in a couple of minutes since she was just getting it cut and not getting a permanent. Gotta get on down the road. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The rain continues this morning. None of it has been really hard down pours but rather a steady "spring-rain" and the temperature is staying around sixty degrees. It is supposed to continue like this for the remainder of the day on and off. But, my brown yard is turning a dark green, at least in the back. My front yard is planted in Zoyza grass and still look like a brown carpet out there. When we first bought this home back in 2001 there was only a small patch of Zoyza out there in the front but it has taken over in the past fifteen years. And, it is a good healthy grass so I have no complaints. Neighbor Dan has the same thing across the street and perhaps that is where it got started some how.

Two squirrels are about it for visitors this morning at the buffet table. One is on a feeder and one is eating off of the ground. It tried to climb a feeder pole but the pole was too wet and it couldn't make it. I have no doubt it will try again and if it can't make it. Then --- it will simply move on to another feeder. There are plenty to chose from and they are all full. But --- the birds are coming and going. I have lots of cardinals as usual and they are acting strange. I don't know if it is time to do a little Cardinal hanky panky or establish territory or what but the males are challenging one another everywhere they go. And my pair of robins are back again so I suspect there will new robin's nests being built on the "S" curves of the downspouts very soon. Springtime is "twitterpatting" time for the for the birds; to use and expression from the Bambi movie.

I'm sitting here listening to my Andrew Rieu album again. It is his movie theme CD and I love it because I have seen many of the movies that the songs come from. My favorite one on the album though is the John Dunbar Theme from the movie "Dances With Wolves". Every time I hear the song I immediately can picture the peaceful scene of the open Dakota prairie as he rides through it to where his post is supposed to be. I haven't watched that movie in a long time, in fact I don't know that we even have the CD of it. But, I may have to try and find it and watch it again. It is a long one as most of Kevin Costner's movies are. But it is worth the time it takes to watch it.

I think today Ms. Kate and I are going to get started on our taxes. We can't keep putting it off. I'm also doing my mother's taxes and I got started on that yesterday by making calls to places that I need information from. Once I have all of that information in, I will hand her stuff over to the tax accountant that she always used. But, Ms. Kate and I have used Turbo Tax for our taxes for the past few years. It works pretty well for us.

My second cup of coffee is about gone, my breakfast that Ms. Kate fixed for me is gone, and my CD is almost over so I guess I better get busy. I could easily sit here all day and watch the rain and the critters in the back yard. It is addictive. I don't know why people would turn to drugs when there are opportunities everywhere to sit and commune with nature and enjoy the peace and beauty that God provides. I pray you will have time to do that at some point today. Peace.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Midweek already! I missed my porch time yesterday. I had a meeting and stuff to do at the church that.started early and went long. Yesterday was the monthly Pastor's Circle meeting and it was my turn to host, so I had to be there early to get the coffee mad and the goodies set out. The meeting was a meeting and that is about exciting as it gets. The good side is that I got to have lunch at R'z, I got my bulletins run already, and --- I still have left over snacks for this morning's breakfast. I'm making silk purses out of sow's ears this morning.

It is 61 degrees already this morning but there will be no sunshine today. The rain is slowly moving in today so the sky is cloud covered and grey. But, that is alright since most of my day is going to be spent at the computer writing or trying to figure out my deceased mother's taxes. I've about decided that I am not going to die. There is just too much paperwork involved. I mean, if a person dies and there is no estate left to settle, and nobody pays the taxes ---- what are they going to do? ---- Dig them up, put them in a chair and call them a congressman!!!!  But, we got that to take care of and then we have to get started on our taxes.

I don't have a lot of birds this morning. I have a couple of Robins hopping around, three or four cardinals, a couple of woodpeckers and starlings, but that is about it. The good news is that the daffodils are starting to bloom here and there in the yard. And --- I did find some crocus blooming out by the mailbox. But all of the ones up by the house will have to be replanted I reckon.

I was dismayed at my meeting yesterday to hear yet again the discussion about Licensed Ministers wearing a stole. We have a young lady that is going through the discernment process for licensing and eventual ordainment. She was talking about robes and stoles and was informed that she should not be wearing a stole because she isn't ordained. I get so tired of hearing that. I really need to find out where it says that in our denomination rules or policies. I've always worn a stole despite being told the same thing. But I just hate the "you're not really a minister" mentality behind it all. Some times the "learned clergy" just drive me nuts with their pettiness. If an ordained minister minister feels threatened by me because I'm a Licensed Miinister and I'm wearing a stole when I preach the Gospel --- they need to find another career field. Okay, I'll get back down from my soapbox.

The rain has started and if I don't get out of this recliner to where I can't hear the raindrops falling on the roof --- I will fall asleep. So, I pray you will have a most blessed day. Give thanks to the Lord for the bushel of blessings you are receiving yet again today. Peace.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another Monday has popped around hasn't it? It is currently 57 degrees already this morning and is going to 70 degree today. Thank you Lord for a day such as this. So, I'm sitting here watching the cardinals, doves, and finches have breakfast and come to the bird bath for a drink. I have unplugged the electric one for the summer and may go ahead and sit the other bird baths up.. I think the freezing is pretty well over for the season. We are supposed to get several inches of rain this week so I might as well let God fill my bird baths. It is supposed to be in the upper sixties and lower seventies all week. It would really be a super week if it didn't rain. That would allow it to get dry enough to get some raking done. I also need to get my yard treated for grubs and other insects. This is March already and that is the time to do that. Ms. Kate says she wants to get the Epson Salts put on the flower beds too. I don't know why she does that but she does and so does her sister. It is probably something they learned from their mom or from one of their gardening books and shows. Her sister is a Master Gardener so who knows.

I'm sitting here listening to an Andre Rieu CD, having my coffee and looking around at my flowerbeds and bushes. I still don't have any daffodils blooming but there is a wealth of buds on them. And, I'm not sure --- but from here it appears the fire bushes may be starting to leaf out. I can't tell by color because I don't see  a lot of shades of green but the bushes look "fuzzier" from here and a little bit harder to see through. I'll check them out after while when I go out to fill the bird feeders once again. We didn't have a single crocus come up this year. Perhaps the voles ate them. But the tulips are up so it is going to be really nice around here come Easter. I also need to get out and rake the last of the deadfall off of the lillies so they can do what they need to do. And --- it is time to get some mulch put down. Too much to do.

I started on my Easter Sunday message last night. I didn't get much writing done because once again I got caught up in reading and research. I probably spent at least an hour reading about cultural differences in beliefs about life after death. I find it fascinating how many cultures are basically saying the same thing but just in a different way. The "paths" to the afterlife vary greatly but the end journey and eternity destination are in many ways the same with varying terminology. Of course until someone comes back and sits down and writes a book about it ---- it is still all theory, regardless of how strongly you believe that theory to be true. As Christians, we base our life on the journey and how we make the journey as much as the final outcome. In other words, my personal belief is that getting to "Heaven" should be secondary to living my life as Christ would want me to and therefore doing things that please God. If, when I die I am rewarded with an eternal life in the presence of God --- that is the cherry on top of the sundae!

So, that is my sermon for the day. Now, I need to get out of my chair and get busy. I hope your day is full of God's blessings. Peace.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Well, I did a quick survey of everybody here in the sunporch this morning and neither me. Myself, nor I asked for showers this morning but we seem to be getting some passing by quick little shots anyway. The sun is cresting the roofline and these won't last long I suspect.

It has been a fun morning for watching my back yard guests. For a change I'm not over run with black birds. The pilated woodpecker has been here twice this morning as have several other varieties of woodpeckers. There have been a number of cardinals, goldfinches, house finches, titmouse, junkos, mockingbirds, and a couple of robins running all over the yard. The occasional starling drops in but doesn't stay long.

We went to the church yesterday and picked up my persona stuff out of the office. Hopefully after church on Sunday, we can get a bunch of guys to move the other stuff out of the office so they can paint. A week from today we will all be at the church making chicken pies. It is an annual fund raiser for the women's guild. We'll make about 200; that's about how many orders we have taken. It takes a lot of work though to roll out all of that dough, and stir all of that stuff. They don't make what I would call a "chicken pot pie" because hey don't put any veggies in the,.But, they always sell them quickly. I'm not a fan of the pies but the social environment to make them is super. If we get enough help, we can be done by 1400 hours at the latest.

I want to go to a place this morning that sells and installs fencing. Our's is looking pretty shabby and we need to replace it. I already know it ain't going to be cheap. Ms. Kate and I built the existing one about ten years ago. It was a lot of work.

That is about it for today. Time to refill the coffee cup and read some more of this book I'm reading. I hope your weekend is full of joy and love. Have a blessed day.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Welcome to the land of "One More". I've called it that because that is what I keep hearing from our weather forecaster. He says; "just one more cloudy day and the sun will be shining"; "One more cold night and it will start to warm up." Last night he gave the "outlook for March". He said it was going to be warmer and dryer than normal ---- but we just have "one more week with about four inches of rain coming, then it will be nice". Well that will put us half way through the month, with the first half being cold, dreary, and wet and snowy.  ------ yes, I'm being grumpy this morning because it is another barely above freezing, cloudy day. I need my coffee attitude adjustment.

I filled the feeders yesterday as you know. I also bought a new suet feeder that holds four suet cakes. There has been no lack of takers this morning. Those darn starlings have of course almost cleaned out the bark butter feeders already. They are like starlings on crack! But mostly this morning it is the finches and sparrows along with maybe a half dozen cardinals; --- and one squirrel. But it is early yet and a lot more visitors will be in before I leave my chair.

It is my day off and I have a book I want to read today. It is a locally written book about Gibson County that was loaned to me by one of my parishioners. My other job today is to go to the church and get my stuff out of the office at St. Lucas. They are going to paint my office starting on Monday and I have pictures and stuff on the walls to take down, my robe and stoles to get out of there and my laptop computer. I think Sunday they will get a bunch of the guys and move filing cabinets etc. out of there. The area is looking nice. They have painted the hallway, and bathrooms so far. They've put in new lighting and a new dropped ceiling, and a new furnace. My office is the last place that needs to be done. Everything is so much brighter and will make a better impression on visitors. Building need to be treated as if we care about them, and God's "House" needs to be treated with special respect. I hope in the process of moving stuff out they take the time to also get rid of a lot of the old books, Bibles, and hymnals that have been setting on those shelves for probably fifty years. I think the Bibles are all KJV which very few people read anymore. However, God's word is still God's word regardless of which version. I'll check that today too. There has to be a mission group somewhere that will take these for us and can use them.

Well, coffee and cardinals have changed my attitude. (Wow, I think I just got a sermon flash; "Coffee and Cardinals") The sky is no brighter than it was before but my attitude and outlook for the day is. The next step is to give thanks to God for this dreary grey day and the blessings God sends to brighten it up. The Holy Spirit is always right there when you need it. Take time today to acknowledge it and give thanks for it. Peace.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy cloudy and rainy Thursday morning. It is thirty nine degrees but actually doesn't feel all that bad out there. I went out first thing this morning and filled bird feeders. The first thing that flew in for breakfast of course was three starlings. But, --- they didn't stay long and now there is a squirrel on each of two feeders. Just what I went out in the rain for!!! But life is interesting. I just had a huge brown cat come streaking across the yard and chase a squirrel about fifteen feet up a tree. I've never seen this cat before but it sure got the attention of the squirrel. The cat has now either left the yard or is hiding under my yard barn. The squirrel has made its way back down the tree but is very cautiously deciding if it is safe or not. We'll just call this little drama; "As the Squirrel Turns".

We got the bulletins run yesterday and we had choir practice last night. Another Wednesday under our belts. The choir practice went fairly well even though a couple of our soloists couldn't be there. I'm doing a duet as part of the cantata. No, I have no shame. I'm also going to sing a solo for the Maundy Thursday service. I'm no singer by any stretch of the imagination but I get by and our organist brought me this piece of music and asked if I would sing it. One of our parishioners had brought it to her to play because he apparently likes it that much. He might not be as fond of it after he hears me sing it. But, I'm going to work it in as part of the communion service.

Today is my grandson Matthew's 18th birthday. It doesn't seem possible although we are going down to North Carolina in June for his high school graduation. He's a great kid but has no sense of direction as to what he wants to do next. But then at 18 --- neither did I. At least I was sitting there with a music scholarship for college. He has a lot of things he thinks he was to do but has taken zero initiative towards actually getting there. He has a part time job, a truck, a girlfriend, and a comfortable living arrangement at home. What else would a kid need?? He'll figure it all out. Now that he is eighteen, he can apply for more jobs. He is most interested (at least today) in becoming either and EMT or fire fighter. I've tried to nudge him toward the Air Force where he can maybe be trained as a a professional fire fighter at one of the best fire fighting academy's in the world. But --- I don't think he can see beyond his girl friends beckoning finger.

He Pussy Willow tree is blooming right out side my porch. Just another sign of the constant presence of God in our creation as the seasons continue to roll on. The daffodils aren't having buds on them yet but my sister-in- law Karen has some blooming. It's all good stuff. So --- with that thought, I'll just sign off and give the Lord thanks for yet another day to to something in His name. Peace.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

No thunder this morning. However, I got up at 0400 and took neighbor Dan to the airport and it was snowing just enough to say "Yep, it's snowing alright!" But now it is just a cold grey thirty degree morning. The airport is literally a five minute drive from our house and it is a small regional airport so there isn't a lot of traffic in and out of it. I was probably back home and back in bed before he got all of their bags checked in and made it through security.

I still haven't filled my bird feeders and no body out there is happy with me. I could have done it yesterday after it quit raining but I was busy trying to finish up my sermon for the 13th. Henceforth --- empty feeders again this morning. But today, I will fill them. We are supposed to have rain again tomorrow or tonight sometime and it is still staying in the thirties so they need the energy. Amazingly enough though, the birds are still hanging around and they are still finding plenty of stuff to eat from the ground under the feeders. It isn't like I am starving them; they just need to work a little harder to get what they want. And --- there are some things like suet that I need to go buy.

So today is Wednesday again already. Man, the time does fly by. That of course means that we will spend the entire afternoon and part of the evening at the churches running bulletins and then staying for choir practice. What will I do with my Wednesdays when I retire??

I went to the John Deere dealer again yesterday to look at a new John Deere lawn tractor. It is a silly thing for me to do actually. In reality there is nothing wrong with my JD. Yes, ---it is nine years old and the seat is a little cracked but it runs good and gives me no problems. The newer version of what I have has a much quieter engine and is 18.5 hp verses the 15 hp I currently have and it sits  a bit higher and there is more room between the deck and the mower to work. The new one is not overly expensive, even with the cost of a new snow blade, (all told around $3500.00)  and I have the money to do it. My problem is two fold though; First, I'd be buying something that I really don't need to purchase because while it would be a nice upgrade from what I have ---- it isn't all that much better than what I have. I'd just be scratching my itch to have a new one. Secondly though and maybe my biggest !problem is that the dealer won't  give me anything for mine as a trade-in; and they are downright "snarky" about it  and it honks me off. So --- this is something that I need to think about and maybe even pray about. Or maybe the Lord has already given me the answer and I just don't want to hear it. That happens, ya' know!

My IPad is down tp 19% battery so I need to sign off. For some reason, it doesn't seem to be taking a charge very well. I plugged it in last night and it only went up to 45% by this morning. So, we will see what happens when I plug it in today.

Have a most blessed day. Stay in touch with God. God is waiting to hear from you. Peace.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

There is thunder, lots of it, in the distance, but it hasn't started to rain just yet. It's early and I don't have any reason to be out of bed just yet, but here I am. We are supposed to be hit with a fairly strong storm this morning with a lot of wind and rain mainly. I have no doubt that I'll doze back off sitting here in my chair.

All of the girls made it home just fine from their travels. Like me, it is back to "the real world" for them too. Heather flew in to San Diego where she had a conference to attend. She sent us a picture of the beautiful beach where she is last night. Actually, San Diego is only a couple of hours from her home so a beach view isn't anything new for her. Daughter Lisa only has a couple of hours to drive for an Atlantic Ocean view too. Julie and Ms. Kate and I have "water views" too about ten minutes away but ours are of the Ohio River; her in New Albany/Louisville area and us here in Evansvile, 100 miles from her. Somehow, that doesn't seem the same; although the Ohio River is a pretty River for the most part.

I only have a couple of cardinals and a woodpecker this morning. Of course, I'm to blame for that as I never did get arounnd to filling feeders yesterday. A couple of starlings and blackbirds came by here earlier to check it out, saw there was nothing and left. There is still plenty of safflower seed for the cardinals, thistle seed for the finches etc, and a caged feed cylinder for the smaller birds. Everybody else will just have to suck it up.

Ms. Kate and I went up to the church yesterday and picked up the remaining things from the party. The house looks like a floral store now. We had thirteen tables at the party and Ms. Kate had put a fresh rose bouquet on each table. We also had a beautiful flower arrangement that was given to us by St. Lucas church. We picked up all of those and then went to Karen's house and dropped off half of them to her. She has a party at her house this week and was needing some flowers for her house, so it worked out well.

The wind is starting to pick up and it is getting darker outside as opposed to lighter. I've seen some cloud to cloud lightning off in the west now so I reckon the storm is almost here. I like to sit and watch storms as long as they aren't severe so this should be relaxing.

I hope your Tuesday is a good one; full of God's blessings and love. Take time to stop and give thanks for your blessings and to do something nice for someone today. Until next time --- Peace!