Saturday, June 23, 2018

It’s a sunny Saturday and seventy-one degrees, with a slight breeze. I have closed the doors to the house and opened the doors to the sunporch to let the air flow through and clear out the stale winter air. I like to do that once in awhile. If Ms. Kate were out here she would be under a blanket, but then her blood thinner medicine keeps her cold all the time regardless of where we are. Bless her heart.

I have had a squirrel just sitting on a branch at about eye level to me, staring in to see what I’m doing I guess. Now it is eating sunflower seeds from the ground just outside the door. Perhaps, the area looks different to it because I have the glass doors opened and the screens in place. Who knows? They are funny creatures. Yesterday I had one on the patio nosing around the empty feeders looking for a quick bite. I have a ten gallon galvanized can with the lid solidly in place sitting out there full of  sunflower seed. The squirrel was up on the can, sniffing around the edge, probably smelling the seed that is inside of it. Them it started trying to chew on the handle of the lid, I assume to try to open it lid. He finally gave up and went over and got on a birdfeeder.

My list of guests this morning include cardinals, titmouse, goldfinch, doves, house finches, nut hatch, wrens, wood peckers, mockingbirds, and of course a couple of squirrels. II need to clean the finch feeders today. The rain has made the niger seed clump up and look nasty. The stuff that is in the tray will get moldy and that will deter the finches. I also need to fill the outlying sunflower seed feeders. It is also a good day to run the weeedeater  and mow the yards. —- Hey, a robin just joined the guests and is eating off of the suet feeder. That is unusual because they seldom eat from a feeder.

We had our “schrooms and beer” lunch yesterday with Bob and Brenda. It is always great to see them. They plan to come to my church tomorrow  since she has a day off from playing the organ at their church. It will be nice to have the opportunity to worship with them again. The are such wonderful people. They bless anyone who is around them.

My garden is growing great, what little I actually. My okra is up about two and a half feet and my tomatoes are putting on. The beets look good although I don’t know if there are beets growing under those nice looking tops. The lettuce is continuing to grow. My raspberries have come and gone. I think I am going to get rid of them. They come and go and we never actually do anything with them. So raising them is a waste of time and space. The zinnias and coleus I planted are coming up very well too.

That’s enough for today. I hope that your weekend is full of good things. Don’t forget to take time out for worship. As the scripture says; “Remember the Sabbath, and keep it holy.”  Peace.  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Thunderboomers and raindrops greet me this morning as I bring my cup of coffee out to the sunporch. It is only sixty-six degrees on this second morning of actual summer and the “real-feel” is only sixty-two. Were it not for the on and off rain, I’d open up the sunporch and let it air out. But then, if it weren’t for the rain, the. Temperature would be up to about eighty degrees already too. So, I’ll be satisfied with things the way they are and give God thanks for another morning of b;essesings received.

I did get some feeders filled yesterday and have had a few cardinals this morning as well as a few finches. About the time the birds start coming in for a buffet feast it starts raining again and they all head for shelter. Then three to five minutes later it quiets raining. But, the sky is getting a little lighter in the west so maybe these showers will be done for a while. Accuweather says this is the pattern for the day.

Today will be a “shrooms & beer” day with our friends Bob and Brenda. We’re always glad to see them and catch up on news of their families. They are really good people and care so much about others. Bob’s wife, Georgia Ann, has been dead about fourteen months now and we all miss her. Brenda and her mom were best friends. Bob has surprised me that he has adjusted to Georgia Ann’s death as well as he has. He was a “lost pup” for quite awhile. He still misses her terribly but at least he didn’t just “give up” on life like I was afraid he might.

The rain shaowerwas brief again and now the sun has popped in and out a couple of times. The cardinals are back and when the sun shines on the wet plant and tree leaves they all shine as though they have been waxed. It is a beautiful and simple sight but it doesn’t take much to impress me sometimes. I hear a squirrel “barking” up in a trees which tells me there must be a cat out there some place. More than likely it is “Toothless” the neighbor’s black cat trying to sneak through the plants to crouch under a birdfeeder. The BB gun is cocked and ready if I see him.

Ms. Kate and I took yesterday “off”. It’s silly to say you are taking a day off when you are technically retired but that’s what we did. We had a vacation and it was great but them we camehome, got busy around the house “catching up” on stuff  and then Wednesday we had the day-trip with church. We were bot a tad under the weather with different issues so yesterday we basically did nothing but laze around. We always come home from a vacation tired because we seem to think that if we go somewhere for a vacation, we have to do more than just sit in a hotel room. So we really never relax. I admit that my concept of what I would like to do while on vacation is different than what I put into practice. I tell myself how great it would be to just sit and read a book and watch the sun rise and watch the sun set. In reality, I can’t sit still for more than a half an hour and then I begin to pace. That is exactly why there are four novels sitting beside my recliner that I have not finished reading or even started reading on a couple of them. As my daughter Julie says, “Dead is a long time and I’ll rest then”.

That’s it for today. Time to watch squirrel try to climb wet slick poles. Have a fun day. Peace.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

It is Thursday morning and God has been watering my garden for me. It has been just a light rain but a perfect rain for watering a garden. So, I begin the day by giving thanks to God for another day that starts with blessings. We are supposed to have a couple of rounds of rain today and this afternoon might just bring in some much heavier stuff. It looks like the front from the north and the moisture coming up from the Gulf will meet once again over the Ohio Valley and stall out for a couple of days.

Yesterday I told you that we were going to do a church “field-trip” and we did. There were eighteen of us and we drove down into the Amish area of Kentucky, about sixty miles or so down the road. It was a nice day although some of the places we wanted to se were not open. We did get to one bakery and I picked up a cream-filled coffee cake and just had a piece of it for my breakfast. It was really good. Apparently they had baked the coffee cake and then sliced it in half and put in a layer of marshmallow cream and put the two halves back together. It really almost too sweet. It would set a five year old in motion for three days. But with a little cold milk or some coffee == good stuff.

We stopped at a restaurant called The Feed Mill down in Morganfield, KY. There used to be a place by the same name and owners up here but it went out of business. The food was alright — not great, but alright. Everyone left full and satisfied.

From there we went over to Camp Breckinridge to see the WWII POW museum. I had no idea that there were German War prisoners brought to the United States during that war. I learned yesterday that actually there were only two states in this forty that did not have a POW camp in them during that war. I need to Google that and fact check it. It certainly wasn’t something I learned in History class. The museum had several murals painted on the walls that the prisoners had painted to remind them of home. It was very interesting. These prisoners were from all sorts of countries and nationalities and it appears that while they were several thousand miles from home and were in fact prisoners, hey were treated very well and even received a Ten cents an hour wage for doing work around the camp and for the local farmers. It might not seem like much but in 1942 - 1945, that was a good compensation. When the war was over, they were all sent back home even though many wanted to stay in America. So, if you are in the area of Morganfield, KY and have the time —- stop by and see that little museum.

I got started on my next sermon last night and I hope to do some work on that today. And I need to practice my trumpet for the number I’m going to play in church in August. My other job today is to get the birdfeeders filled. There is still some food out there but not much. I have been very negligent in my backyard buffet duties and must correct that.

I hope your day is full of love and happiness and gratitude for blessings received. Peace.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday morning and Ms. kate and I are up early early today. We have to be at the church by 0900 hours for our “Senior’s Road Trip”. We are heading down to Mattoon, KY to the Amish area. It is an area I am unfamiliar with so perhaps it will be interesting. Pastor Art was excited about us doing this trip. I know he was hoping to see the Amish farmers out working the land with their horse drawn machinery but I’d really be surprised if we saw that. Planting season is over and the crops are up. If we see anything, it will be horse drawn threshers because the wheat is now being harvested in this area. But, — we will stop at some Amish shops and maybe buy some peanut brittle or perhaps we’ll run across a bakery and can pick up some goodies there.

We plan to have lunch together at a restaurant called The Feedmill. We have eaten there before and were not particularly crazy about the food. Then we also plan to stop at Camp Breckinridge and tour the museum there. It was a WWII prisoner of war camp for captured German soldiers. Some of them were artists and there are supposed to be murals tha the prisoners drew on the walls while they were prisoners. Art says that many of the soldiers requested to stay in this country after the war. This is history that I have not heard before so I will be interested to see this. Why they would bring German prisoners of war all the way to America in the heart of the country is beyond me. But, it is a chance to learn something new. I’ll let you know about this tomorrow. IN the meantime, I must get showered and ready to head out. YOu have a most wonderful day. Share God’s love with someone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday and we are home again, home again. And —- we are glad to be home. It was a good vacation and we saw some neat stuff. Sunday we arrived at the Biltmore Hose in Asheville, NC and got checked in to our room right away. I’ll admit it was more pricey than any hotel we have ever stayed in but what the heck, it was a once in a life time thing. Granted, many of the rooms we stay in when in Vegas cost the same price but Ms. Kate generally gets those comped and they cost us nothing. The Chihully Glass Art Exhibit was very interesting and we both enjoyed it. I think we maybe walked three miles looking at it which for us is unheard of.

We headed back home first thing in the morning and made really good time allowing us to get all the way back home by 1600 hrs. Gaining an hour due to time zone change helped with that too. But — by the time we got home I wwas having serious lower abdominal pains too the point that I could hardly get out of the car. I’m thinking that it was caused by the fact that I had not been hydrating at all. In the past few days I may have had justa couple of cups of coffee and nothing else. I was seriously considering going to the ER but, Ms. Kate suggested that I start drinking some fluids and waiting until morning. Then if I wasn’t better, we’d try to get me in to see Dr. Jackson. Well, once I got laid down in the bed for the night, the cleverest cramping seemed to ease off and I did get a good night’s sleep. This morning I wasn’t feeling nearly as bad as I did last night. I’ve been drinking fluids and I watch how I sit in a chair so that I don’t “crunch up”my lower abdomen and so far I’m holding my own. I think it was all aggravated by sitting in the car all day with a seatbelt up against my abdomen.

Needless to say, the bird feeders are all empty and I need to work on that. But —- it is almost 100 degrees heat index out there so that can wait. I did go out and water some plants this morning and I need to water the garden this evening when it gets a bit cooler. If I went out there now and did that, it would just boil the plants where they stand. I also have a bunch of limbs down that I need to clean up and then get on the John Deeres and mow this place before the tigers move in. Again, aneveening chore depending on how I am feeling.

Ms. Kate has lunch ready so I better get ready to eat. I’ve been gone most of the morning getting a haircut, having the car washed, and going by the optometrist and getting my sunglasses picked up.

Stay out of the heat my friends. Heat stroke are cheap in weather like this. On the other hand, Give God thanks for the heat and humidity because the corn grows like crazy in weather like this. Have a great afternoon.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday morning and we are in the Nashvillle TN area. It is going to be a hot one today with ozone alerts most everywhere we want to go. Temperatures are supposd to rise to about 100 degrees today. We’ll be heading east to Pigeon Gorge TN in a couple of hours, once we are good and awake.

It has been a pretty good vacation so far. I reckon that in the minds of many people they probably wouldn’t consider this trip much of a vacation. After all, so far we haven’t been all that far from home and we aren’t going anyplace we haven’t already been. We did the Amish country of central Illinois; an are in which we lived for a couple of years, Then we spent a night in Metropolis Illinois. Heck, we run over there fo a night many times and spend a few bucks at at the Harrah’s casino. Then last night we came to Nashville, TN. The big difference here is that we went to see the Grand Ole Opry which if you like country music, is an absolute must do. Then, of course we’ll head to Pigeon Forge, TN today and that will be maybe a five hour drive. We are staying at a hotel that wwe’ve stayed at before and loved. Sunday morning we’ll head to Asheville, NC and the Biltmore House; again a place we’ve been to before but this time they have a special glass exhibit that Ms. Kate wants to see. Monday we’ll start the ten hour drive home.

The Grand Ole Opry was a nice collection of country Music stars that most people have either never heard of or have forgotten about. But the music was good and we enjoyed the show. If there was a headliner, I guess it would have been a fellow named Daryl Worley. Fourth daughter, Stephanie, says he’s a favorite of hers. The Opry publishes their schedule well in advance so it is easy to see when people you might know are going to be there. The Opry is the longest continuous running radio show in America and when you are at the Opry, you are actually part of the studio audience. For a country/western musician to play the Grand Ole Opry is the equivalent of other kinds of performers to play Carnegie Hall; so, it’s a big deal.

Today is an anniversary for Ms. Kate and me. Fifty-six years ago tonight she and I went on our first date. Wow! — A lot of water has passed under that bridge. And how appropriate that we are celebrating it in Nashville, which is where four years later, we went on our honeymoon!!

Time for me to think about getting ready for my day. I hope your weekend is a great one. Peace.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday evening and we have had a very relaxing day so this won't be too long. We are in Arcola, IL which is advertised as being in the middle of Illinois Amish country. We have been here several times over the years. There is  bed and breakfast that we stayed in one time that had the most amazing breakfast I've ever had. The room was "just a room" although it was decorated with some nice antiques. The breakfast however was outstanding. It was a seven course meal with all kinds of different dishes tat aren't usually served for breakfast. Lots of vegetables and meats and scones etc. Each course was served on a different set of beautiful  china. It was indeed a five star breakfast. Unfortunately I remembering hearing people griping about it because "it wasn't breakfast". But, we didn't stay there this time.

We've been a bit disappointed by our revisit here. Many of the businesses were closed in the downtown business section. We went to the little town of Arthur, which is nine miles west of Arcola, last night for supper at The Yoder Kitchen. As you can imagine, it was an Amish/Mennonite restaurant and the food was delicious. We were stuffed by the time we left. Today we went to Tuscola, IL to the outlet stores. Ms. Kate went to Coach and found a couple of purses that she "needed". I went to Under Armor and bought some under-drawers "that I needed". I posted about Ms. Kate going to Coach on Facebook and the next thing I know, The girls are texting Ms. Kate with a request for some items for her to look for. So, we went back to Coach and picked up the things that they were looking for. Unfortunately, I know there are at least two more Coach outlets on the way to our destinations in the next few days. I reckon we'll have to check them out too.

This evening we went to Monical's Pizza for dinner. Ten years or so ago, we were sitting at Monical's having our pizza when the manager asked who owned the convertible that was parked out this lot. I stood up and said I did; and he introduced me to four young Amish girls that were standing there looking scared to death. They told me that their horse had jerked and their buggy wheel had hit the door of my car. I went out and looked at it and it was barely noticeable. I told them "thanks for telling me" and them I wished them a blessed evening and told them not to worry about it. There were tears in their eyes and they went away.

Tomorrow we head south about 200 miles to the Hurrah's Casino in Metropolis, IL. We'll just spend one night there before we get on the road again.

I hope you have a great week.  Walk with God and share your love with someone.  Peace.