Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Safelite repair, — Safelite replace”. That’s how the jingle goes but I wish they would hurry up and get here and do that replacement. Don’t you hate it when they give you a window of time to expect them to be at your home? Safelite is expected to be here sometime between 0800 and 1200 today. I got up at 0700 so I’d be awake when they call to say they are on the way. But —- it is 1015 and so far not a word except an email from “Jonas, my technician” saying he would be here between 0800 and noon. It’s not like I have anything that I need to do this morning except I am waiting to take my shower so I don’t miss a call saying Jonas is on his way. Obviously they have forgotten that I have a life; I have to take Ms. Kate to Sam’s Club and then get my haircut. I mean, what the heck???  LOL

It is forty four, sunny clear sky, and beautiful out there this morning. The snow and ice are slowly melting away. I think most of the once dam I had on the sun porch roof has melted away. At least it has quit dripping inside. I tried to clear thee street again yesterday but the ice is holding strong still. And —- I took a fall on the ice yesterday. It heart my pride more than anything else. I mostly fell into a snow bank that I had created by shoveling snow. But I looked like a beached whale trying to get up again because my foot kept slipping on the ice and the only support for my hands was down through the snow bank. It was not pretty nor was it fun. It is dangerous; our Conference Minister fell on icy steps yesterday and broke four bones in his back.

I’m blessed with Blue birds again this morning. So, I have black birds, blue birds, red birds, yellow birds, grey birds, and brown birds this morning. How fun it’s that?? I have to refill feeders sometime today. I think I’ll ask neighbor Dan if he wants to bring the grandkids over later this afternoon to help fill feeders. I think they would enjoy that. I’m watching one of the starlings that is getting a drink. It isn’t using the heated bird bath with the clean fresh water. It has pecked its way through the ice to drink from that water. Silly birds.

The door bell just rang so I reckon Safelight Jonas is here. Have a blessed day.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Good morning once again. I have yet to decide if this is “Finally Friday” or just Friday. I think though I will go with finally Friday. It has been a long week hasn’t it? Snow and ice and and bitterly cold weather have either kept people cooped up in the house or required them to go out in treacherous weather and on slick roadways in order to be to work. I don’t know about where you are but here the school system has been closed all week leaving parents wondering what to do with the kids since they maybe have to go to work anyway. As for the kids, —- well in this neighborhood, they played outside for the first couple of days but I haven’t seen any of them outside sledding or doing such things since.  So yeh, —- we’ll call it finally Friday because it is starting to warm up today and the temperature is actually going five or six degrees above freezing and the sun will be doing some melting.

The backyard buffet is busy this morning. I filled the feeders yesterday and cleaned and refilled the bird bath. I currently have four of my fuzzy tailed rat friends out there casing one another away from the feeders as they try to grab a bite themselves. The starlings come and go in flocks of six to ten. They fly in, fight over feeders and then fly out again. In the mean time, the cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, wrens, doves, mockingbirds, and junko try to get something to eat in and amongst all of the fray. But —— my best guests this morning again are the blue birds. I had a couple of pair fly in yesterday afternoon and they are still here today. What has surprised me is that they don’t have a lot of problem standing up to the Starlings.

Ms. Kate and I are getting out of the house today too. we are meeting Bob and Brenda for beer and schrooms out at St. Joe Inn today. I of course, got out Wednesday for my meeting, but Ms. Kate has not left the house since church last Sunday. I think she is getting a little stir crazy. We also have to go to the bank and Ms, Kate says I need a haircut. It isn’t often she says that so I must be looking shaggy. Ou subdivision is still a mess to get in and out of. I tried to remove some of the snow and ice again yesterday from the street and from the neighbor’s driveway but the ice is holding fast and the JD couldn’t do much with it.

Tomorrow morning the folks from Safelite will be here to replace the windshield and wipers on my truck. I’ll be glad to have that back up and in operation. I don’t drive my truck very often as is evidenced by the fact that it is a 2007 with only 44,000 miles on it. But, I do love my truck. We generally take Ms. Kate’s car because it is harder for her to get in and out of the truck. But if I’m going somewhere by myself, I prefer to take my truck.

I reckon the timehas comefor me to vacate my comfortable spot here under my lap robe in the sun porch. I pray your day will be pleasant and filled with the Holy Spirit. If you let the Lord plot the route and do the driving, you’ll never be in the wrong place. Peace.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Good morning on this eleven degree morning. There is a woodpecker sitting on the suet feeder that is suction cupped to one of the doors here on the sunporch. It is trying to eat some of the frozen suet and it sounds like someone is knocking at the door. When the woodpecker isn’t on the feeders you can bet the starlings will be and sometimes they have “discussion” about whose turn it is. There is a squirrel literally hanging by one toenail from a limb trying to hold anther type of suet feeder up to him so it can eat some of the suet. What I have out there is a blend of suet and ground corn and peanut butter paste. It gives them good energy and food at the same time. The thistle seed feeder is down to about an inch and a half of seed left in it. A couple of the other sunflower cylinder feeders are down to about two or three inches of seed left and that is about it. I haven’t gone out and refilled anything since this snow and ice stuff started. About four years ago or so I went out when it was like this and fell resulting in some nasty shoulder injury and surgery. Sometimes us old dogs do learn new tricks like being cautious.

I apologize for not writing yesterday but I had a meeting with Pastor Art about upcoming stuff at church. Unfortunately when we start talking we tend to “go long” and it was noon before we knew it. But that’s what happens when friends meet and greet. You might think that a couple of preachers would be sitting around just talking “holy - churchy” stuff, but nah, —- it can turn into a gab fest pretty quick. We are still waiting for the congregational meeting to see if they will pass a two-pastor budget. But we have to do planing as if it were a reality.

My buffet guests this morning include wrens and finches, woodpeckers, starlings, junkos, sparrows, Cardinals, and squirrels. The bird bath is popular for drinking today again but so far nothing has ventured in for a bath. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a starling or two do that. I really need to dump the water out of it and put in fresh. There is a lot of crud and dirt in there from them wadeing around in it. I’ve been watching this one wren. It eats off of a suet ball for a while and then goes and gets a drink of water, then back top the suet ball.

I guess that is it. I’m going to sit here for a bit more and just enjoy the beautiful but cold picture God has painted outside my windows. Listening to the joyful song of the wren as it hops around out there is just another example of the blessings that God continuously sends my way. I hope you take time to stop and enjoy the blessings that God is sending your way today. Peace.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three degree outside with a wind chill well below zero. I don't care what Eskimo's book you look in --- that is cold. There is little food left for the back yard buffet guests and there won't be until it warms up just a little. There is still water available in the bird bath and there is food in the less popular feeders that they can have. They will just have to get over themselves and their spoiled ways.

I have a water dripping problem this morning out in the sun porch. There is ice up on the roof and it is slowly melting. The foam roof on the sun porch is I think about five inches thick and there is caulk sealant on every seam. But --- water always wins and I have a spot that is dripping because I guess the heat from the sun porch has warmed the foam up some.. I had this same problem three years ago when we had an ice storm. So, I have a bucket out there to catch it . What drips in the bucket, I'll use to water all of the plants out there. 

The snow we got yesterday amounted to about three inches or maybe a little more. It did quit snowing by about 1500 hours and I got dressed and jumped on the John Deere. Since it was just snow, the JD handled it quite well. I cleared my driveway, part of the street, part of Dan's driveway and part of Purdy's driveway. It was a lot of fun but my hands were cramping yesterday evening from working out there. I'm still sore today and stiff. Dan came out and did some shoveling while I was running the Deere. Today, with the sun shining on it, it is dry where I was able to clear. It will give folks some good traction to get up the hill we all live on. Much of the ice is still there though and the JD just doesn't want to work on that, although I was able to bust through some places and clear it out. Friday it is supposed to be 44 degrees and then on Saturday it will be even better and by Sunday, the weatherman said last night that might hit 63 degrees. Unbelievable!

I got hold of my insurance company and they made arrangements for replacement of my truck windshield. It'll cost me close to $300.00 for my deductible and the cost of new wipers, but it sure beats paying the entire thing. We use USAA, serviceman's insurance company and they are wonderful to work with. Thankfully we haven't had a lot of claims with them but boy, when we need them, they are right on top of the issue. I think we have been with them for thirty years now. So, Saturday morning, Safelite will be here at the house with a new windshield and install it. They could have done it today if I wanted to take it to their place over in Henderson, Kentucky. But, since the offer the home service at the same rate, why not have them come here. If it is bad weather, I'll just put the truck in the garage so they can work.

I'm offering prayers this morning for a family in Newburgh, IN. Their sixteen year old daughter was sledding and slid out in front of a car that was being driven by a twenty year old woman who was driving under the influence of drugs. This was the third time she had been involved with police for DUI. So, I'm offering prayers for the distraught family but I'm also praying that the driver gets her life straight and realizes what her actions have caused. What astounded me though was that the news folks interviewed the drivers girl friend who was with her and the girlfriend said, "well, yes she came back positive for drugs but she hadn't had any thing but her Xanax and the marijuana she had smoked the day before. And beside, that accident could have happened to anybody." Yes, it could have happened to anybody but her words are so typical of a social generation that takes no responsibility for their actions and shifts the blame to everybody else.

Have a great day. Stay warm, and take time to be grateful for your blessing today. God loves you and so do I. Peace.

Monday, January 15, 2018

We’re having a heatwave; a tropical heatwave!  Yeh, that song doesn’t apply this morning at 25 degreees. But it is better than it has been and is supposed to go to 30 today. We are having light snow at the moment and are supposed to get another one to three inches.

My John Deere adventures were a disaster. With the ice that developed prior to the snow, it was impossible to do anything with the JD even with chains on. So, we (Dan and I) did a lot of shoveling and scraping on Saturday and got a lot of it up. Then yesterday I finished the driveway and the side walk. Today’s snow is the dry/fluffy stuff with no rain or sleet or freezing rain preceding it, It should be easy to remove it. BUt it will be 1500 hours before this snow is over. Tomorrow we are looking for a high of zero. However, by the end of the week we are looking for fifty degrees. What a roller coaster.

You didn’t know that I waas stopped for awhile but, I’m back. Neighbor Dan came over to visit and he and I have been sitting out in the sunporch for the last three hours gabbing about anything and everything. We have been through a pot of coffee and have solved all of the world’s problems as we sat here watching the birds and squirrels. And, in all of that time, the birds and squirrels haven’t decreased one bit. Nor, has the snow quit yet and it is now 1300 hours.

We ventured out yesterday for church and then out to lunch after church. The hardest driving of course was getting out of the subdivision. Once we go to the main roads the highways had been cleared pretty well. A lot of the churches cancelled services but we had a couple of guys who worked really hard and cleared our church lot and the drive way going to the church. I was surprised at how many people did actually show up for the service and Sunday school.

I guess that is my tale for today. I need to think about having some lunch. The bagel and creamed cheese I had hours ago has since ceased to be of any value. So, Ms. Kate has chili made.

Have a great day and stay warm and safe. Blessings.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Seventeen degrees with a “real feel” of ten degrees, light snow for the next 120 minutes; thus sayeth my Accuweather app first thing this morning. But the sun is shining and I have a backyard full of guests. Thankfully they left themselves plenty to eat today. I really thought they would clean everything out yesterday during their feeding frenzy. but, I will certainly have to go out and fill feeders later. But, first things first; it is about time to see how this new John Deere and blade is going to handle removing snow. Hopefully the snow will come up fairly easily and I don’t spend the morning slipping and sliding up and down the driveway. It looks like we have had traffic up and down the street. The neighbor across the street has guests that unfortunately have parked where I need to shove the snow. I wish they had parked in front of their own house. I’m sure they never thought that I might accidentally come sliding down my driveway right into their cars. Civilians have no sense of situational awareness.

It will be interesting to see how much street clearing the highway and street departments get done today. I imagine they are hard at it already this morning. But nothing is going to melt since it is supposed to only get to about twenty-three today. The pastor and I discussed possibilities of cancelling church service tomorrow. We have one fellow that, bless his hearts, does the cleaning of the parking lot and the road and driveway leading to the church. Our church is a rural church and the likely hood of a highway department getting out there isn’t high. So, if Fred can’t get it done, it won’t get done. My comment to Pastor Art was — safety first. Let Fred be the one to make the call as to whether we have church or not. Not only does the road and parking lot need to be cleared but the sideways around the church too. We don’t want anybody slipping and falling. And, I suspect that with a high tomorrow of twenty degrees, attendance will be scarce regardless.

I reckon I better put on my warmest clothes and go see what I can get done. Wish me luck. Stay safe out there. If you don’t have to be out —- stay inside where it is warm.

Have a blessed weekend .

Friday, January 12, 2018

From near sixty degrees yesterday at this time to nineteen this morning with a thin layer of ice and snow on the ground today; it is no wonder that people everywhere are sick with the flu and colds etc. Fortunately Ms. Kate and I are not involved in that. But then we have tried to stay away from folks even though we did go to the grocery store yesterday. As I told you yesterday, we were out of milk, bread and a bunch of other stuff. So, we went and stocked up.

It is hard to tell but I think it is either doing a very fine snow or freezing rain. I don’t hear it on the sunporch roof but I can see it doing something. Whatever it is, it isn’t slowing down the frantic feeding going on at the backyard buffet this morning. I filled the feeders yesterday again and by now they are half empty. I have probably a minimum of sixty starlings, blackbirds, and red-winged blackbirds out there. There are I think, seven squirrels , plus a few cardinals, junkos. Sparrows, blue jays, finches and wrens. But it is the starlings that are ruling the roost and protecting territory the most. I threw a half a loaf of bread out there and it was gone in thirty minutes. Some of the cylinder feeders have as many as eight starlings all trying to eat from them. The amount of wing flapping, pecking, squawking and out right nasty behavior going on out there is amazing. Survival of the fittest is in full swing at the backyard buffet. And then there are the one actually talking baths during all of this.

I don’t know if you have had any of the Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans breakfast bowls or not but I recommend them when you want a good breakfast but don’t want to go to a lot of trouble I just fixed one while I was making a trip to the coffee pot. It only takes thre minutes in the microwave. BTW, this is going to be a two pot day from Mr. Coffee too. It is certainly a day to stay in. I did go out to see what I could determine about whatever was falling from the sky and it is a mixture now of rain and snow. I have the John Deere sitting at the ready but it would be useless at the moment to go out there.This is supposed to last all day. And, frankly, depending on the layer of ice that is there, The JD might just slip and slide when I do get out there. But, I went out at midnight after it had quit raining for awhile and I threw down a good layer of ice melt as a helper for when it did arrive. I may have done more harm than good. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

That’s it for today. I hope you didn’t have to get out in this weather and are hopefully safe and warm at home. Pray for those that are out in this whether they are working or maybe homeless. Peace.