Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Good morning! I'm coming to you this morning from Columbia, Mo. It is kind of a hazy and sunny morning and I have no idea yet how warm it may be out there. I reckon we'll find out soon when we head out.

We have an incredibly short travel day, only about 125 miles. We took off yesterday around noon from home so we could get through and around St. Louis before the rush hours and the start of any demonstrations that might be planned for the day. It is a dang shame that people have to plan their travels around places because some group might be protesting and or rioting somewhere. But, we made it safely to Columbia and had a good noight's sleep. And of course we started out our day with our Comfort Inn and Suites waffles, and biscuts and gravy. Tonight we are going to be in Independence, MO. I would love to be able to go farther but our room was arranged early in our planning and our room rate is non-refundable. Tomorrow we will have a long travel day so I reckon we'll be up early. We need to make Wall, SD by tomorrow night. I think that will be almost 600 miles. However, once we get into South Dakota I think the speed limit jumps up to 80 mph.

We've notice that there is a lot less fall harvesting being done over here in Missouri. It will be interesting to see what the harvest rate will be like as we travel on up through to South Dakota and across that state. I'm not sure what crops are planted in SD. I think they do a lot of wheat but don't know if they do corn and beans. I know Nebraska and Kansas does a lot of sunflowers. They're the folks that are responsible for keeping my birds happy.

I guess I might as well get ready to put the stuff in the car and then get us on the road. Maybe we'll find a few geocaches as we travel today. We always look for cemeteries to go to because there is usually a geocaches at the edge of the cemeteries.

Until tomorrow or whenever I get to you next, I pray you will have full and blessed days. Peace.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Monday morning to you. I hope you have an excellent week planned full of joy and happiness. It is a warm morning already around here and I think the temperature is going up to ninety degrees again today Summer really is making alast gasp effort to hang on despite the fal that is is autum already.

We had a busy weekend filled with chores and guests dropping by the house. For a visit. How often does that happen any more to have someone just drop by to visit? I think that "living rooms" have practically become a thing of the past. We have a living room where one would normally ((at least in "olden" days) sit and visit with company, and we have a "family room" where we watch TV and visit with folks and we have the sunporch which is where we really sit to visit if folk come by. Saturday our pastor came by for a visit and he and I sat out in the sunporch for a couple of hours and visited.

Ms. Kate has already made an apple pie this morning. As soon as we get cleaned up and the last of the packing done and in the car, we are heading off on our vacation today. Yes, I know it is a day early, but that is the way we are. We'll head out and get through St. Louis today and spend the night in Columbia, MO. Tomorrow night we'll bee in Independence , MO and that will be the last of the "big cities" until we start heading back home and a week or so. Wednesday will be a 600 mile travel day which for us is a long day. After that it will be short days and lots of sight seeing.

So, --- my writing will be somewhat sporadic for the next couple of weeks but I will try to keep you informed of what we are seeing as we go along so you can vacation with us. Of course, this coming Friday is the Buffalo Roundup which prompted  this whole trip in the first place.

I ask that you keep us in your prayers for safe travel as we zip along the highways and by-ways. And I will keep each of you in my prayers that you have good days full of the joy of God Almighty. Pray also for our nation and other nations that peace may become the watchword of the day. As my favorite song lyrics say, "Let there be peace on earth, --- and let it begin with me."

See ya' on down the road. Peace.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Good Friday morning to you. I hope your day has started off as sunny and bright as mine has. Again today the sky is cloudless and it is already warm this morning. It is supposed to go up to 90- again today. That's fine by me as I did my yard work yesterday; well some of it anyway. I got the leaves raked up again and the yard mowed, front an back. I suspect that the grass will be going dormant soon and then the only reason to be running the Deere back here will be to mulch up the leaves. Then before you know it, it will be time to put the mowing deck aside and put the snow blade on and wait for winter weather to get here. As you may remember, last year my snow blade never saw a flake of snow. If I do any yardwork today, I may go ahead and cut back the peonies and the rest of the phlox. At the end on the season they get really full of mildew and the blooms are all gone. Even the hummingbird leaves them alone now. The end of September is the time to cut it all back.

Ms. Kate has to go get a perm this morning and then I guess we are going to go do a little shopping for things that we want to take along on our vacation. A week from today is the big roundup and I get more excited about oit every day. I watched the Smithsonian tape of it again last night. It will be fabulous to see in person. Of course, that is just one of the things that we are anxious to see and do while we are gone. I saw that South Dakota has a new monument called The Dignity Sculpture that is close to Rapid City. From the pictures, it look marvelous. I hope we have time to see that. And, I'm hoping the weather is clear enough and the roads are clear enough for us to go see some side roads in and around the Grand Tetons.

I refilled the backyard buffet again yesterday so I have a lot of company this morning. I had one red headed woodpecker just fussing and fussing at me yesterday as I was filling feeders. I guess it was anxious for me to refill the bark butter feeders because as soon as I finished, here it come. The birds are not shy about letting me know what they like and don't like by their actions. They will be waiting for me when I get back from vacation and will fuss because the feeders will all be empty by then. But, as I have said before, sometimes I wait until they completely empty a feeder any way just so the residue in the bottom of the feeders doesn't mold.

It is time for me to get out of my chair and get myself dressed and ready for the day. I need to start gathering up stuff to put in my suitcase. The long pole in the tent of course is to try to figure out what the weather will be like. We could end up packing all wrong.

I would urge to you to continue prayers for all of the folks that are dealing with the aftermath of the natural disasters that have occurred around the country and the world. I would also ask you to join me in prayer for our nation as we again go through a period of social unrest and demonstrations and riots.  Much of the nation's people are having a hard time adjusting to the actions and programs of the president. The last president was a man who instituted all kinds of welfare and feel-good programs and he was in offfice for eight years. This president is a man who says people need to works for a living and has ended many of those programs. It is causing a lot of national strife. Let's pray that we can come together like adults and bring peaceful resolutions to it all.

Have a wonderful weekend. Peace.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

By golly it's Thursday already. This week is going by quickly; seems like just yesterday it was Wednesday. LOL

It is another warm morning as summer makes this one last gasp before giving over to fall. But the evidence of autumn is everywhere and I get to rake it up and mulch it today. I should be out there right now doing it while it is only 80 degrees because it is going up to 90 today. Oh well, a little sweat equity never hurts. It will help sweat off some of this apple pie I have been eating.

I was doing a little channel surfing last night and I came across a show called The Last Buffalo on the Smithsonian Channel so I sat and watched that. It showed the annual Buffalo roundup in Custer State park that I will be attending a week from tomorrow. How exciting that is going to be. I was lucky enough to catch the program in time to DVR that portion so we can watch it again today. It looks like they get a very large crowd of people that come to watch it it. Folks were streaming into the park at daybreak and the cowboys and cowgirls were already there on horseback to guide the people to where they need to be. I just think it is going to be one of those "lifetime" experiences. So far the weather forecast shows that it will be very cool, a low of 38 and a high of 60 but that's why we'll take good jackets. It takes several hours for all of that to happen and that means a lot of time sitting in a open field with the wind blowing around us. My weather apps also tell me that the areas we are going to are under winter weather advisories today and this week. The mountain passes are supposed to get as much as eight to ten inches of snow at the higher elevations. So, we'll just have to play it all by ear and see what we see and do what ever we can. heck, by the time we get there this weather system will be long gone. It's going to be beautiful no matter what.

I'm still offering prayers for all of the folks who have been affected by hurricanes and earthquakes. People in Mexico are digging out survivors and bodies by hand. Japan got hit by a major earthquake too yesterday. The island of Puerto Rico is totally dark and without power. People in Texas are still trying to get into their homes and people in Florida are still returning to homes that are destroyed. Other islands in the Carribean are devastated too. So, we need to keep all of those millions of folks in our prayers and if a way is available for us to help. It is our duty as a human being to do so. Just make sure whatever money you donate is going to an organization that actually does help people and not just fill the pockets of their CEOs and corporate people.

I have finished my piece of pie and now I must start my day. I pray your day will be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Peace.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Welcome to an absolutely fabulous looking Wednesday morning. It is already 71 degrees outside and is going up to 91. The sun is shining brightly and no breeze equals a warm start to the day. A cardinal, a hummingbird, an a couple of finches round out my guest list at the moment. Somewhere out there I hear the ratcheting of the summer crickets or perhaps it is a cicada. All I know is that the morning has "lazy summer day" written all over it.

But, we shan't be too lazy today because we do have stuf to do and places to go. Yesterday was a busy day too. Ms. kate and I both had dental cleanings and exams. When that was done we went out and got the teeth dirty again with lunch at our favorite German restaurant, (well, I guess it is the only German restaurant in town). Then we had some banking to do, some stuff to drop off at the Goodwill store, and some grocery shopping to do. But the fun part of the day was coming home and making apple pies. I do love my pie and we made three. No, we aren''t going to eat them all. In fact I'm taking one to my buddy Bob today at lunch time. And, I called neighbor Dan and had him come over and pick up one of the pies too. From the comments and pictures he has posted on Facebook, I'd say they are enjoying their apple pie. LOL I intend tto have a piece of apple pie for breakfast, It sounds like a perfect beginning to start the day.

I'm certainly offering up prayers for the people of Puerto Rico this morning as a category four hurricane is bashing that island. I think that we often forget that we have islands out there that are American territory such as Guam and Puerto Rico and as such, they are American citizens. This is the worst hurricane to hit Puerto Rico since 1938. I can't imagine what itt would be like to live on a relatively small island like that and have a hurricane come across it. Where do you go? How do you seek shelter?

I also offer prayers this morning for the people of Mexico. Yesterday as I was writing about out local earthquake of a 3.8 magnitude, Mexico was getting hit with an earthquake of I think, 7.9. As of last night they had registered 100 people killed but they haven't really begun to clear rubble in order to find all of the dead and missing. I'll tell you, with all of the hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, and earthquakes, if I were more of a "Revelationist" I could certainly jump on the "End of Days" prophesies and I'm sure there are many people that will. But, I don't think it is the "End of Days" at all. I think these things happen and have always happened. I do however, believe that we humans are polluting our environment to the point that we are causing changes in the weather and we need to take that seriously. But --- I'm not going to jump on a soap box today. Instead, I'll do what I do best and pray for all of those suffering with all of the natural disasters that are happening. I urge you to do the same.

There is a piece of pie calling my name and I must heed that call.  Have a most blessed day. Never forget that God loves you. Never forget that Jesus Christ died for you and His Holy Spirit walks with you every step of every day. Rely on him for strength. You day will get easier. Peace.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday brings us yet another rainy day and while I have yet to go outside, I suspect it is muggy again today as the temperature is already seventy-two degrees. Nothing much is stirring in the backyard this morning. A couple of cardinals are gleaning from the ground and an occasional goldfinch comes through. Beyond that, it is quiet with the exception of the faint rolls of thunder off in the distance. According to postings on Facebook this mornng we apparently had a 3.8 magnitude earthquake around 0630. I certainly didn't feel it although I was awake and out of bed then. Ms. Kate and I have been through a 7.8 earthquake in California and many of the aftershocks were of the 3.8 variety. According to one newspaper report out of Gibson County, this is the second one this week. I didn't feel the other one either.

This morning we head out to the dentist's office for our exam and cleaning. We are very regular about that and go every six months. With all of the money I have spent in the dentist chair in the last three months, they ought to know how my teeth look. But it is time for my cleaning.

I spent two hours yesterday at the AT&T store trying to get my cell-phone bill straightened out. I bought a new IPhone last month and as I understood my "plan" my bill would be going down a little because of bundling things together. But, I got my preview of my bill, (which I pay automatically through my bank) and was shocked. I normally don't even look at them because they are a set amount basically. But, I opened this one and my bill had gone up almost $300.00. Needless to say there were no happy faces around here. So I went to the office and I think they got it figured out and corrected. But --- between cell phones, cable, and ON-STAR we sure pay a lot of money to be connected to thee world. It is amazing how we think we need all of this stuff. It isn't like we are important people but we have grown so very used to having all of this stuff that we just pay for it. And, we don't even take any of the premium channels on our cable network. But, the ability to talk anytime and anywhere with our family without worry is a luxury that we seem to have determined to be a necessity. I don't know the last time I actually wrote a letter to anyone. Ms. Kate makes cards and sends notes in them to people all the time, but I just wish people a happy "whatever" via the internet and Facebook. It is indeed a changed world and society that we live in.

I've been watching the weather in the locations we are going to on our vacation and they are having much cooler weather than we are. In fact, this week that entire region is having rain changing to snow and back to rain. So, I reckon we'll be packing warmer clothing along. I just hope the weather is really nice on the day we go to the buffalo round-up. After-all, that is what we built this entire vacation around.

It appears that God has turned off the rain and has started to brighten the skies just a little bit. It looks brighter in my back yard because enough leaves have fallen that we can see through the trees a lot more now. The regularity and continual flow of God's handiwork never fails to impress me. How anyone could possibly seriously believe that all of this creation and natural order of things "just accidentally happened; just blows my mind. We and all of this is a product of Divine intervention my friends. Yes indeed, evolution has played a role in all of us and this becoming what we are; But God set that evolutionary process into motion. There are too many minuscule and micro-perfections in this universe for it to be anything other than Divine creation. Nothing can be accidentally perfect to that magnitude.

That's my word of wisdom from the Sunporch today. Have a blessed day. I already have.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Good morning! What say we start a whole brand new week? We were having that discussion yesterday in Sunday school as to when the Sabbath really is and when does a new week begin. It was an interesting discussion.

It has been raining this morning and most likely will again today at some point although at the moment the sun has made its way through the clouds. The backyard buffet is busy this morning although I see they have emptied at least one of the sunflower feeders. There are a couple of starlings out there that spend as much time pecking at one another as they do at the food. They are just nasty and temperamental creatures. One of the hummingbirds was at the door this morning trying to get food from the silicone adhesives that Ms. Kate has on the inside of the glass. They look like flowers and she put them there so the birds might se them and not crash into the glass pane and knock themselves silly. They don't seem to help much because there is always some bird hitting the glass. So far none have died from it.

I was trying to figure out what took up my time on Saturday that caused me not to write my blog, and I finally emembered that we went to Mt. Vernon, IL on Saturday to a craft fair. It wasn't the usual home made stuff  but rather stuff made by artisans and mostly very expensive. There was a lot of nice  artsy stuff and Ms. Kate bought a couple of things. As for me, --- I bought a hot apple dumpling with ice cream on it so I was satisfied. That is about as artsy as I get.

We have several things around here to do this week, not the least of which is to finalize our plans and pack our bags for our vacation. Today is laundry day and Ms. Kate has to go have her bloodwork done. Tomorrow we have dental exams and cleaning and sometime this week I need to get a haircut. It is all just stuff that we need to do.

I went to the movie last night all by my lonesome. I wanted to see the new Stephen King movie called "It". It was actually a remake of the movie but it was done very well. I read the novel many years ago and of all of his books, I think it is the scariest of all of them.

The leaves are falling from the trees at a faster pace now. I try to keep up with them but I know that by the time we come home from our vacation, I'm going to have a lot of raking to do. But that is the way God put it all together so we'll just enjoy it. In the meantime, I'm sitting here with the last piece of apple pie in front of me and it is disappearing rapidly. We'll be making another one today though so all is good. Here's hoping you have a blessed day and a blessed week. Never stop believing that God loves you and is always there to help you no matter what your situation or circumstance. Peace.