Wednesday, August 23, 2017

 "Bless the Lord, oh my soul; let all that is within me bless His holy name" What else is there to do on an absolutely beautiful "pretend it is fall" day except give God praise. It is 68 degrees, sunny, not a cloud to be seen, and humidity is low. To top it all off, there is a song sparrow outside my window also lifting up its voice to sweeten the sounds of the universe. There is peace in my micro piece of the world.

We are up earlier than normal today. I reckon it is because we went to bed earlier than usual last night. We generally don't go to bed until around 0100 hrs. But, last night at 2300 hrs Ms. Kate said she was ready to turn in and so was I. She had worked all day on making Christmas cards and was mentally bushed. Unfortunately she also woke up this morning with a bit of a sinus infection. So, we'll see how that progresses today. Hopefully now that she is up her system will drain and she'll be fine. As for me, my jaw is a tad sore yet today from all of the manipulation and shots yesterday for my dental work but other than a minor twinge, I'm fine. I need to get cleaned up an dressed and go out and do stuff outside today. I think my flowerbeds are calling me. There is fall raking to do to pull the stuff away from the lilies and the iris need to be trimmed back. Once the dew dries off of the grass, I'll mow the front yard and neighbor Dan's too.

The 0900 crew has arrived at the buffet. Cardinal, Goldfinches, wrens, house finches, sparrows, downy woodpeckers and song sparrows and hummingbirds are all here and it makes for a really enjoyable time. I need to fill feeders again. It is nice to sit and watch them and not have a bunch of starlings and blackbirds come in ad bully them all away.

"My people" are all supposed to be coming home today. Karen will be flying in from Vegas after a week of fun and Dan & Minh are finally home after being gone eight months to California. Dan has traveled back and forth a couple of times during that period for a couple of weeks at a time but Minh has stayed out there taking care of her terminally ill mother. Her mom passed away seven weeks ago but the Vietnamese culture requires forty two days of mourning and honoring. That period ended on Sunday so they are on the road to home. I think it is going to be an adjustment for her to be back in non-Vietnamese surroundings again. She has been totally immersed in that culture and language since before Christmas last year. I think despite being here where their two children and their families are, she is going to be lonely for awhile until she readjusts. Our prayers will certainly be with her.

Well, I have a bit of devotional to read and a talk to have "upstairs", so I'm signing off for today. I hope your week is going well and now it is "half over" and you can start thinking weekend. If you are out and about in society today, be kind to all you meet and start someone else's day with a smile. Never forget God loves you and Jesus has offered you salvation. All you have to do is reach out and accept it. Peace.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Happy Tuesday! I assume you all made it through "The Great Eclipse" without incident yesterday. I did go out and try the "selfie over the shoulder" trick with my cell phone but wasn't impressed with what I could see. But, assuming I'm still alive in seven years, we can do it all over again and this time the "zone of totality" will be directly over our house. So mark your calendar for April 8th, 2014 and we'll all run outside and check on it again. I'm not trying to minimize one of God's special celestial events in the least; but I'm glad I wasn't one of those folks who drove hundreds of miles to see the sky get dark for a minute and twenty seconds.

I'm sitting here in the sunporch and my face is half numb. I spent two plus hours in the dentist chair this morning getting fitted for a new crown. It took extra time because Dr. Wolf had to repair the tooth behind the one that was broken off too. I go back to see him again on the 5th of September to have the permanent crown put in. Until then --- no gummie bear types of candy. Typical me, I was laying there in the dentist chair half dozing and in my mind I was hearing the gospel song; "I Shall Wear a Crown". But now, I'm trying to drink my coffee on one side of my mouth and not drool it or spill it all over my shirt. At least the dentist made and put in a temporary tooth so I don't have a gap there for the first time since the end of June. By the end of the day I'll be able to eat most anything I want.

It is cloudy today and we have already had one round of heavy downpour. The forecast calls for the possibility of severe storms this afternoon. I'm hoping the fact that we had this rain already will mitigate the severity of anything coming in later. Allegedly after this weather front passes through we are supposed to have excellent weather the rest of the week. So --- bring it on.

I have mostly sparrows and a couple of cardinals here at the buffet, and a couple of squirrels. When I came out here early this morning, the electric bird bath had been dumped over onto the ground. I suspecta raccoon most like did that. Last nigth I opened the door to take some stuff out to the compost pile and surprised a skunk. Of course it surprised me too but it took off and didn't spray, thank goodness.

That is about it for this Tuesday. I hope your day is going well and I hope my mouth and jaw get feeling back in them soon. LOL Peace.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday morning and it is going to be a hot and sultry day. The heat index is supposed to reach 105 degrees today, yuk! I'm writing to you from the Deaconess Surgery Center waiting room. Ms. Kate is scheduled for a cardio-vascular Doppler test this morning. It shouldn't take a long time to do and is totally non-invasive. They are just checking her blood flow. This appointment is a follow-up to one she had some months ago. That one came back good but we don't take chances.

Today is the day of the "Great American Eclipse". We are going to have a total eclipse of the sun today around 1330 hours. Evansville is in the 90% zone and the area for totality for our region is about eighty miles south of us. The news is showing that the interstate south of us is bumper tpo bumper traffic with people trying to get to the "zone of totality". The actual time span for totality is only about a minute and a half also the duration from beginning to end is about two hours. It --- the nation is going silly over it. I understand part of the excitement because celestial events are something thata I love to watch too. But -- I'll be satisfied to stay home. The sky will get darker for a bit, and then it will get bright again. I heard last night on the news that if a person uses their phone and turns on the camera so that they are taking a picture of themself, it is said that they can watch the eclipse over their shoulder.


Ms. Kate finished up rather quickly and we went to Denny's for some breakfast. I love their strawberry and crime pancake breakfast.  Now we are back home and Ms. Kate is folding laundry. I had started a couple of loads this morning before we left. She and I routinely share doing the laundry. I've been doing laundry since I was a young kid. I remember when I was real young we had a wringer washer with a dual washtub set up in the basement of the house. There was a clothesline down there that we hung the clothes on to dry during the winter and we had a triple clothesline setup in the back yard that my father made out of pipe. That's where my mother hung clothes until it got so cold that they would freeze on the line. I remember thaat you had to be careful when feeding the clothes through the wringer or you could get you hands and fingers caught in the wringer.

We attended a very good church service yesterday. We went to Crossroads Christian Church. I'm not crazy about the praise and worship music that they do. There is no recognizable tune to follow and they repeat the same phrases over and over. But the sermon was dynamic. I told Ms. Kate that I admire people that can stand there and preach like that; seemingly without notes and so at ease and enthusiastic. It's not an ability that I have; but --- I thank God for allowing me to share The Word with my style for over a decade.

Time to move on to other things. I pray your day will be filled with joy. I pray for those who aare having a rough day today and I also pray for all of the travelers on the road today who have ventured out to areas to witness the eclipse. Until next time --- Shalomn.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday afternoon and Ms. Kate is sitting her in the sunporch with me. She is busy making Christmas Cards. I think she plans on making all of our cards again this year. She does such a great job making her cards and I love it when she even makes my birthday or anniversary card. Me. ---- I hand write a note to her that says "I love you", and that is about as talented as I get.

We spent the morning at Raben Tire and Service having new tires put on the Cadillac. What with new tires on both the car and truck this week and buying a new IPhone, I have spent some money this week. But --- my spending comes in spurts like that and then I don't buy anything else for a long time. Oh --- and let's not forget the cost of a root canal and crown in the past two weeks. Yikes. I may have to go back to work so I can afford Dairy Queen or Cold Stone Creamery stops.

Yesterday we met with our good friends, Bob and his daughter Brenda for lunch at St. Joe Tavern and Inn. The waitress knews that when the four of us show up, she automatically starts two orders of deep fried mushrooms. They make the best around. We sure miss Ms. Georgia Ann at the table but are thrilled that Brenda encourages and brings her dad. It seems to be helping him return to some semblance of a new-normal now tat Georgia Ann has passed away.

After we had our lunch, we went to sister-in-law Karen's house and watered her plants and garden for her. She is in Vegas for a few days and she always looks after our place when we are gone so it is the least that we Cana do for her. She had asked me to picked the produce in her garden and I did. --- Anybody need eggplant????? She only has four plants but they are overflowing with eggplant. I don't know what we are going to do with it. One can eat only so much eggplant Parmesan.

The blackbirds and starling have certainly gotten the word that the buffet was refilled yesterday. I filled fifteen of my twenty-one feeders and today I have birds everywhere. Some one must have "tweeted" the news. (OK, even I know that was lame.)

That's it for today. I pray you will have a wonderful Holy Spirit filled weekend and arrive at Monday ready to take on life. Until then; ---- Peace.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Friday morning! The sun is shining and Ms. Margaret's lawn crew next door is busy after it already this morning. Actually I can't call it a crew today, it looks like the dad is out there by himself today since his boys are obviously back in school. But he is knocking it out pretty darned fast. It iss a pretty easy mow. There isn't a lot of flowerbeds or things to mow around. A couple of weeks ago they trimmed up that flowering crabapple tree so now they walk under it with hitting their head on a bunch of branches.

I told you that I might not get a chance to write yesterday and I didn't. I did get to Sam's to have my truck headlights lens buffed out and treated. It only cost $40.00 and they look like new. I'm anxious to see how much brighter it will be at night. They advertise that it will improve vision by 50%. That would be good because my night vision isn't as good as it used to be.

Ms. Kate and I cleaned up the electric bird bath yesterday. It had really gotten gnarly and it took a lot of scrubbing to get all of the stains out of it. But -- it is beautiful this morning as it glistens in the morning sun and it has had several visitors too. Of course we don't plug it in during the summer but it is really a lifesaver to the birds during freezing weather. I absolutely must fill all of the feeders today. I've let everything get empty of sunflower seed and of bark butter too.  And the starlings and blackbirds have moved to someone else's yard I reckon. Of course if I fill everything up today, by tomorrow afternoon they will all be back. It's a game we play I think.

Today we are meeting buddy Bob and his daughter Brenda for lunch. I'm going to cut the okra when I finish this and will take the okra to Brenda. I don't have a lot but it will make a nice mess of fried okra for her and her husband. Ms. Kate sometimes fries up okra for us but mainly she uses it in vegetable soup.

Buzzwing, the hummingbird is busy out here this morning and at the moment I have several bright yellow goldfinches at the birdbath. It is amazing how God just drops those little blessings in on ya' unexpectedly. That is just one of the myriad things that makes me enjoy life so very much. And, --- I'm so grateful that I have finally reached a point in my life where I take the time to recognize the blessings that God send constantly. Maybe it takes getting old to make you slow down and look around. I'm not so busy working and worrying about making a living and putting everything else first before God these days. I think I have always been "aware" of God's blessings but I haven't always just stopped and given proper honor to God for them.

Time to get ready and start my day. Have a most wonderful day. I'm including you in my prayers today. I hope that knowing someone has included you in their prayers will make your day a bit better. Peace.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Good morning on this hot and sultry Wednesday morning. It's eighty degrees already and the humidity is in the "very humid" range. But the cicadas seem to love it as I can hear them out there in the trees doing their summer thing. They have been here for a couple of days now and I suspect I'll be hearing them for about another week or maybe even two. The forecast calls for scattered storms today to bring down the humidity and heat just a little. Generally by Wednesday the weather folks are looking at what the weekend will be like but this week all the talk is what is it going to to be like on the 21st of August. On that day there will be a total solar eclipse and people all over the country are getting prepared to watch it. I think here in Evansville we are supposed to be able to see about a 90% eclipse. Ninety miles south of us it is supposed to be 100%. I guess if it is a cloudy or rainy day, it will just get dark for a while, I don't know. I hope to observe some part of it because there will not be another one in my life time.

 Did you miss me? It is now Wednesday afternoon. I had gotten an offer for a free entree' at PF Chang's with the purchase of one and that is pone of Ms. Kate's favorite places to eat. However, it is east of Louisville, KY, 125 miles from here. But -- we are retired and wild and crazy so up and drove over there for lunch. We added to the pleasure of the trip by also picking up a "to go" order for Julie who lives and works in New Albany, IN just across the river om Louisville. After we ate we took her her order so she can have it for her dinner since she has to keep her store open late because the college kids all move back to campus tomorrow, and she runs the college bookstore. It was a very pleasant drive over and back and always good to see one of our girls when ever we get the chance.

It never did really rain yet today and it is really hot and sultry by this afternoon. But, we won't be going back outside except for me to get the trash cans to the curb.

My afternoon crew of buffet visitors are here now; a few cardinals and finches and a squirrel or two. That is about all. The birdbath is a popular spot as I would expect it t be. I'll be late writing tomorrow, if I do write. I have to take the Dakota in for the cleaning of the headlight lens. So, until next time, have a Holy Spirit evening and take the time to give thanks for your blessings. Peace.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon and I'm just getting around to writing my first blog of the week. Part of the reason for that is that we have been busy doing some things around here that needed doing. Yesterday we did some shopping and took Ms. Kate to the doctor to get her poison ivy infection treated. They gave her a prescription for some strong creme and it seems to begin having some good effect. It certainly got nasty and whether it was poison ivy or poison oak --- she is certainly allergic to it.

Today we took my truck to Sam's Club for new tires. The tires on it were the original tires put on by the manufacturer ten years ago. I still only have less than 44.000 miles on the truck but the tread was below the "Lincoln Head" test on a penny and frankly they might have started to dry rot by now. So, I put new shoes on Big Red. On Thursday I'm taking the truck back to Sam's and having then refinish the headlight lens. I told Ms. Kate it will be like having Big Red's cataracts removed.

Sunday we went to church at our home church and the pastor gave a great sermon. The service was held in our outdoor chapel and during the service, Pastor Art was holding his Bible and giving his sermon and a butterfly landed on his Bible. I thought it was an awesome event.

I've been having a hard time putting my thoughts together about an incident that happened in Charlottesville, VA on Sunday. A large group of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists  were holding a demonstration in the streets. They were carrying Nazi flags and shouting their particular brand of hate speech. They were allegedly protesting the removal of statues of Confederate War Generals. Then another large group of demonstrators charged them with clubs and iron pipes etc and a huge violent demonstration broke out. At some point, one of the white supremacists got in a car and drove into the crowd and killed one person and injured 23 others.

The President of the United States has since been under fire for not "immediately condemning" the white supremacist. Instead he came out and said there is no room for hate and violence of any kind in our society and that there is blame for this incident to be shared on all sides.

My take: ---- First of all, I hate the thought of anybody marching and chanting hate and crap under any flag, let alone a Nazi flag. We had a world war  to stop that. I don't believe in White Supremacy and actions that support it. On the other hand, I don't believe in counter-groups like "Black Lives Matter" because I don't believe that black lives matter any more than any other color of people. I believe that President Trump is correct; there is blame for every side and this country will destroy itself if we don't learn that fairly quickly. I found it also repulsive that reporters wouldn't even let the President finish his statements without shouting interruptions because they didn't like the words he was using. What happened to common decency and respect for the office?  No wonder he calls the reporters "fake news" because they twist every word he says.

As I said, I have no room for violence  and hate and repugnant behavior such as destroying personal and public property. There is a proper way to handle all of these issues facing our country. Unfortunately,  we have a generation and a half of people that refuse to be held accountable for anything and believe that they can hide behind mob violence.  If they were willing to be held accountable for their opinions they wouldn't be out there with their face covered so no one recognized them. This happened from both the Left and the Right sides of the political stream. Just because your side loses an election doesn't mean you now have the right to reject the election by violence.

Let me step off of my soapbox with this. Prayer, kindness, peace, love, caring about our neighbor, respect for life and other people's opinions and property, and open dialogue have to become the watchwords of this nation. I bid you peace my friends. If you disagree with what I have said today, I'm okay with that. I will still love you and I will still pray that God gives you a boatload of blessings each and every day.