Friday, August 11, 2017

Welcome to Friday and all that a weekend has in store for you. It is seventy four degrees this morning and cloudy. I just checked my radar app and there is a large mass of green just west of the Illinois border and it is heading this way. So, we'll be getting some rain fairly shortly I reckon.

First of all, let me thank you for your prayers for my granddaughter, lauren. Her mom sent a picture of her last night and she at least is able to smile, even if her face is a bit distorted from the swelling. It looks like maybe she won't have a black eye. Lauren was still woozy and incredibly sore, (all to be expected according to the doctors) but she's up and walking around which is great. I give praise to God who obviously protected her. The number of falls and scrapes and breaks she has had over the few short years of her life are bound to take a toll on her at some point. Her body is going to feel old at twenty four at this rate. But --- she's tough and determined and I just pray God will always hold her in God's hand as she flies through the air jumping from one hill to the next at high speeds.

Speaking of feeling old --- I'm having a hard time getting moving this morning. Ms. Kate was up way early today because she was restless and I'm just the opposite. I got out of bed and went to find her, saw that she was fine and went back to bed for another half an hour. Then I came out here tot he sunporch and promptly dozed off for another ten minutes or so. I think my eyelids are rejecting the day for lack of sunshine. And --- there isn't a lot going on in the back yard this morning either. One squirrel is out there and a couple of finches. That is about it. Maybe we all have the snoozes today.

We need to do a little running around today and pick up some stuff. I need to get a couple of forty pound bags of sunflower seed; my can is about empty. We need to go to Target and pick up a few groceries and maybe to the Farm Bureau Co-op and buy a little turnip seed. And then I think maybe we need to find a new (old) tavern and have lunch. I love country tavern food. I read about a place last night and the reviews say it has really good food. We have been by that place several times over the years but never really thought about stopping there. For you locals who might read this, it is St. Phillip's Tavern. If Ms. Kate is up to the challenge, we'll try it. I'm much more bold about trying new places than she is. I'd stop at a truck stop for a meal in heartbeat; but Ms. Kate, --- not so much. I always figure the worst that can happen is we don't like it and don't go back. The best that happen is that it becomes a new favorite place. Life is all about the journey.

If the weather holds this Sunday we are supposed to be having church in the outdoor sanctuary at Zoar. I hope it will be a nice day; I love to worship out there.

That's it for today my friends. Stay in touch with God today and know that God is ever present in your life. Take advantage of the blessings that you are being provided and share them with others. Never forget that you just might be the helping hand that God is sending to someone in trouble. Reach out and share your love. Peace.

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