Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunny Saturday, yay!!!! It is beautiful out there this morning. I can already hear lawn mowers running in yards around the neighborhoods. Folks are maybe wanting to get their yard work done early so they will have the rest of the day to do other things. We need to do some running around today too. We did go out yesterday for lunch and then to a grocery to pick up milk. Today though I need to take the truck to Sam's and maybe buy new tires for it. Sam's is running a bit of a sale on them, so we'll see what the damage is going to be. I need to get tires for both vehicles. My truck is a 2007 and this will be the first set of tires that I buy for it. No more than I drive it, I don't need to go real expensive. So, I'll most likely get Goodyear tires for it. The Caddy on the other hand will get Michelin.

We also are going to buddy Bob's place this afternoon. He called and said he had tomatoes for us. We have a few here that we have raised but his are so nice and so good and he is willing to share with us. In return, we area going to take him a couple of quarts of Ms. Kate's vegetable soup. I'm told that he has lost a good deal of weight since Ms. Georgia Ann passed away and we want to keep him healthy. I know his daughter brings him food but left on his own, I'll bet he just eats sandwiches. I only say that because that is probably what I'd do.

We went out to that new (old) tavern for lunch yesterday. I told you about it. Well, the food was "Okay" but not worth the drive all the way out there just to eat. If we happened to be geocaching in that area and got hungry --- yeh, it would be alright.

It rained most of yesterday so we limited our stops. So today we also need to pick up the sunflower seed for the birds, and I may go ahead and get a new IPhone today. I did stop at the AT&T store and check them out and I liked what I saw. The new IPhone 7plus fits in my hand nicely and has bigger number for me to use when I need to type on it.

But, I'll not get any of this done as long as I sit here drinking my coffee and watching cardinals on my feeders. So, I hope your day is blessed. I hope you have the time and opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with someone today. Until next time --- Peace.

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