Monday, August 7, 2017

Comfortably cool and cloudy is the watch word for the moment. We are still expecting some more showers although we have had about two and a half inches in the past forty eight hours. I suspect it may dry out by this evening.

How was your weekend? Ms. Kate and I had a good weekend. Friday afternoon we started looking for a day trip to take and decided that we would go to the premium outlets up in Edinburg, IN about 150 miles away. I was wanting to look at the CROC's outlet store for another pair of really casual wear shoes. So, Saturday morning we took off for Edinburg. It was a pleasant drive up through the country. I don't think we have been through that part of the state before. The road takes you through Brown County which in this area is famous for their fall foliage, the Brown County State Park, and covered bridges. We got to the outlets, did some looking around at the Coach Store but Ms. Kate didn't see anything she wanted. Then we went to the CROCs store and we each bought two pair of shoes. We weren't sure which way we wanted to head home. We could go back the way we came or we could head south on I-65 and stop at New Albany and see Julie. But, we called her and found out that she was not home and wouldn't be for the rest of the day. So, we headed back home on th same roads we went up on. It was a good day trip for us.

On Sunday we were lazy people and instead of getting ready and going to church we stayed home and attended "Our Lady of the Armchair" services. I did read my morning devotions and listened to some gospel music and did say my prayers, but that is sure the lazy way out. It is exactly the way people get in the habit of not attending church. But --- we did remember the Sabbath, and we kept it holy; I know that counts for something.

This has been a good morning for the birds to take thier baths. The robins have been in and out of the bird bath a couple of times and earlier I had seven sparrows sitting around the ring of the bird bath. They were taking turns getting in and out of the bird bath. They reminded me of when my granddaughter Amanda would go to the Beach. She would run tippy-toed in to the water and then quickly run tipped -toed back out; all the while screaming with delight. (Gosh she had a high pitched scream.) The sparrows looked just the same way as they darted in and out of the water this morning.

Our only "have to do" today was to take Ms. Kate for her blood work and we have accomplished that. It is an every six week thing for her to make sure all of her medicines are working like they are supposed to. It isn't a "fasting" thing so it isn't a big deal.  It is sometimes hard to remember when she went last though and she doesn't always go when she is supposed to.

Now, it is time to heat up some of that wonderful vegetable soup that Ms. Kate made yesterday and chow down. I've said it a thousand time, Ms. Kate kaes the best soups I've ever eaten whether it is a broth soup or a cream soup; no one does it better. So, excuse me while I go have lunch with my lady.

I pray God will grant you a love filled day and a day of peace for your soul. Shalom.

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