Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday morning already; boy, these weeks seem to fly by sometimes. But it is another beautiful morning out there in the world beyond my sunporch. The sun is shining brightly, it is 74 degrees and I have bunch of buffet guests this morning. The cardinals are early today and I have a lot of finches here again this morning. Some are eating and some are drinking and bathing. A couple of downy woodpeckers have been here on and off too. I think we need to refill the hummingbird feeder this morning. There a couple of them here these days and they hit that little feeder pretty hard --- when they aren't fighting and driving one another off that is.

I am asking for a prayer or two this morning for our granddaughter Lauren. Yesterday she crashed her dirtbike and ended up at the hospital with a mild concusssion. She was treated, evaluated and allowed to go home. She is a professional Moto Cross rider and these things go with the job unfortunately. She wears the best of safety gear but stuff still happens, That girl scares me to death. I had a text conversation with her last night and asked her how it happened. She said she don't remember anything except being loaded in the ambulance. So I ask you to send prayers of gratitude that she wasn't hurt any worse. God is good.

Ms. Kate and I went out and worked for about an hour and a half yesterday in the flowerbeds. Have I told you just how much I dislike morning glory vines?? I have a flowerbed down by the street that the morning glory vines just take over and I have to fight them continuously. The hardest part of fighting them in that the roots of the things are often as long as the vines above ground. So I go to pull them off of the peonies and lilies and end up breaking off the roots because I am standing on the roots even though I may be five feet from where I'm pulling. It is a never ending battle. I think the first seeds for the plants were probably either in some mulch that I put on at one time or another or in some horse poop that I have spread over my flowerbed at one time or another. Where ever they come from --- they drive me nuts. I need to go back out again today and do somee more work out there. I need to take advantage of these kind of days. It is usually super hot and muggy during August and so far God has blessed us with ten August days where the temperature has yet to reach 90 degrees.

Before I head outside though I think I will fix something for breakfast. Maybe a little bacon and biscuits and eggs. I hope your day is pleasant and filled with the warmth of God's love. Peace.

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