Tuesday, August 8, 2017

God has done it again; He has provided another beautiful morning to sit and watch my Backyard Buffet guests and admire my flowers, what few there are these days. I filled all of the feeders again yesterday but so far this morning the guest list has been sparse with the exception the hummingbirds and the butterflies. I also had some nocturnal visitors again last night; I'm not sure which ones because they came around after I went to bed. We had six or seven peaches that had gone bad and I took them out and put them on the ground under the Poplar tree because I figured something would come along and make use of them. Well, only half of them are still here this morning. So, I'll say, "You're welcome for the midnight snack" to which ever critter had them. I'm betting raccoon or skunk. It might have been the oppossum but I haven't seen it in quite awhile.

I'm seeing a lot more leaves starting to fall already. With these few cool mornings that we have had, it almost feels like fall. I've been watching the temperatures out in the Yellowstone National Park area because we are headed out there in a few weeks. It is already starting to have temperatures in the upper forties at night. I reckon I better be sure to pack a jacket along for the trip. During the first week of October, we could easily have a snowfall out there. Certainly the upper Teton elevations will be having some snow by then and the Teton Valley and Yellowstone should be awash with fall color. I think it is going to be a wonderful trip. I'm trying to decide which vehicle to take. They both have the same amount of mileage on them although the truck is a 2007 and the Caddy is a 2015. The problem is that they both need new tires too so I need to decide which vehicle I want to spend $1000.00 on first. The truck has four wheel drive if I need it, but the Caddy has XM radio and On-Star navigation if I need that.  Both are a comfortable ride but the Caddy does have more room for carrying stuff since I don't have a cover for the bed of the truck. We'll need to think about it, but not too long.

I'm going to get outside and do some flowerbed work today. It is time to pull the stems out of the lilies and I can also go ahead and cut the iris back, and then rake the dried leaves and stuff from the lilies out of the beds. If I have time, I might mow the yard too but I suspect I'll be ready to come in the house before that.

My feathered friends are starting to come in now for a snack. So far it is mainly cardinals, finches, and woodpeckers. The titmouse duo came through but they have moved on. What a joy it is to sit here and watch them. It is a blessing from God indeed. I hope your day is this peaceful and full of God's love and grace. I also hope you will take the time to acknowledge it with prayer and praise for the creator of all there is. God is so good.

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